If you have yet to experience the joys of 3D printing, you're missing out. The fact that you can 3D print almost any reasonably sized 3D model is fantastic and is perfect for the Christmas season -- both as gifts and decorations.

Christmas is exciting for children and those who still believe in the season's magic. Everyone gets in the Christmas holiday spirit when the garland goes up and the lights twinkle on every street. So, suppose you're in the mood to create your own personalized 3D-printed Christmas decorations and have access to a 3D printer. In that case, we have a bountiful list of Christmas 3D printing ideas available for download from MyMiniFactory, Thingiverse, and Cults3D.

  • Multi-Part Christmas Tree

For the happiest season, why settle on only one Christmas tree when you can have several? Thanks to Gallaghers Art's Multi-Part Christmas Trees, this is possible. With three or more parameter layers combined into the files, users can 3D print a Christmas Tree and decorations, gifts, and space to put lights within the tree. These many 3D printing options mean that users can 3D print many different, distinct-looking trees using the duplicate files in ways that suit their endeavors for the holiday season for some genuinely festive decorations. For ease of 3D printing, Gallagher Art specifies the brands and colors of ABS filament and the different parameters. You can get high-quality ABS filament of various colors for your Christmas 3D printing ideas at affordable prices during the Snapmaker Christmas sale.

  • Christmas Cookie Cutters

Cookies are an absolute at Christmas time. So why not start a great tradition of making cookies using 3D-printed cutters? It's possible, thanks to 3D printing! All you have to do is think of the shape you would like for your holiday treat: a star, a tree Father Christmas, so many possibilities. Don't hesitate to go to Thingiverse to find myriad shapes and models.

  • Personalized Tree Ornaments

You can 3D-print your customized tree ornaments. You have several Christmas 3D printing ideas. All you need is a 3D printer.

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