The 45 HP Powertrac 439 Powerhouse tractor boasts superior fuel efficiency, unrivaled power, and power generation capabilities thanks to its unique diesel-saving technology. It features a 1600 kg Sensi 1 lift, a bumper and tow hook installed by the manufacturer, and two benefits on tools for increased output. The tractor is easy to attach larger tools to and has a 5-year warranty. Its 3-cylinder engine produces 2200 RPM and has a displacement capacity of 2490 cc. Features like multi-plate oil-immersed brakes, mechanical steering, and power steering are available on the Powertrac 439 Powerhouse. The tractor features a straight rear axle, a fixed front axle, and large tires. In India, the Powertrac 439 price will be between Rs. 7.30* lakhs and Rs. 7.50* lakhs by 2023. TractorGyan is a reliable online store offering Powertrac tractor sales and consultancy.