The short answer to the above question might well be “yes”, at least relative to the extremely stringent standards that are needed in commercial properties at this time of year. 

This is a season, after all, that tends to be characterised by greater movement in and out of commercial buildings, whether due to heightened custom, Christmas parties, or other events or occurrences. 

So, whether your own business property is an office-based one, or perhaps a retail store, restaurant, bar, or entertainment venue, you might appreciate a few tips from us on how to be particularly vigilant about your premises’ cleanliness and hygiene over the next few weeks and months. 

Make sure waste bins and sanitiser are immediately accessible 

This needs to be the case at any time of year, of course. But if – for example – you have a Christmas party coming up at your premises, you will almost certainly be well-advised to increase the number of waste bins you have throughout the event space. These should be situated in logical places, making it easy for attendees to immediately dispose of rubbish. 

Along similar lines, you might wish to invest in a greater number of hand sanitiser products around the venue, and put up notices urging their use. 

This will help guard against the spread of germs in your commercial property, as can easily happen through the air, and when people touch contaminated surfaces. 

Adopt a proactive ‘clean as you go’ approach 

You might (correctly) imagine that a firm specialising in commercial property cleaning would place considerable emphasis on the importance of thorough cleaning after a busy event. 

However, to achieve the level of cleanliness that you need for your business premises, it is equally crucial to have the right “in-between” measures in place. 

So, don’t just populate your venue with plenty of wipes and cleaning products – also make sure everyone who uses the space knows where those products are, and communicate the importance of regularly wiping down surfaces. 

Let those same people know, too, where their coats and bags need to be stored. This will further help keep the space well-organised and clean, with minimal scope for outside dirt and debris to be dragged into the venue. 

Establish a relationship with a reputable commercial property cleaning provider 

Let’s face it: whether you’re dealing with a one-off event in your business building such as a Christmas party, or you’re just seeing more customers flood through the doors than you would at any other time of year, it can be exhausting to try to keep on top of cleaning responsibilities. 

Indeed, the fact that this is typically such a busy time of year as far as businesses (and the owners and managers of commercial properties) are concerned, means cleaning tasks can easily fall by the wayside. 

To help avoid that, you might consider arranging a structured and predictable contract with a reputable commercial property cleaning firm, such as Nationwide Property Clean

Indeed, it could barely be quicker or easier to ask for a quote from us. When you do, we would be delighted to give you the benefit of a highly comprehensive and competitively priced service level agreement.