Inside the 5000 series aluminum embossed sheet, 5052 stucco embossed aluminum sheet is the maximum broadly used grade. One-of-a-kind from pure aluminum alloy series, 5000 collection have greater steel factors which add greater application fields, 5052 aluminum alloy has Zn of zero.1%, Fe of 0.Four%, Cu of zero.1%, Mg of two.2-2.8%, Si of zero.25% and Mn of zero.1%. Because the content of Mg is tons more than different factors, so 5052 aluminum sheet has notable anti-rust overall performance, accordingly 5052 stucco aluminum sheet may be the correct cloth used in refrigerator, decoration and packaging fabric.
The temper of 5052 stucco embossed aluminum sheet are O, H12, H22, H14, H24, H32, H34, H16, H26, H18 and H28. Casting and warm-rolled material may be used as the uncooked fabric, the software procedure may be stretching, spinning, bending, shell kind and oxidation. The same as different aluminum embossed sheet, 5052 stucco embossed sheet has mild weight, tremendous durability and proper toughness. The tensile energy is 200N in line with square millimeter, the relative elongation is better than 10%, that can withstand a excessive diploma of bending without breaking. The pattern at the surface can be choose for kind of utility, the common used types are orange peel, stone, diamond, 1 bar, 3bar, five bar and so on. All in all, 5052 aluminum embossed sheet can be the appropriate fabric in case you are searching for for 5000 collection stucco sheet, HUAWEI Aluminum can deliver certified aluminum products and professional service if you want.