The Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) market is experiencing substantial growth, with a projected reach of USD 417.4 million by 2022, supported by a commendable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.8% during the forecast period from 2017 to 2022. Chromatography data systems play a crucial role in collecting and analyzing outcomes delivered by chromatography detectors. These systems offer multifunctional and multitasking options, such as nominal data storage, chart recorders, onboard processors, data analysis capacity, and information sharing options.

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Top 10 Companies in the Chromatography Data Systems Market:

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc.

Founded: 1994

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Services: Cheminformatics solutions, drug discovery, knowledge management, quality assurance, competitive analysis, and chromatography software.

Geographic Presence: Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, U.K., U.S.

Agilent Technologies

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: California, U.S.

Industries Served: Life sciences, diagnostics, applied chemical markets.

Products: Atomic absorption, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, software and informatics.

Geographic Presence: North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Founded: 1952

Headquarters: Hercules, California, U.S.

Segments: Life Science and Clinical Diagnostics.

Products: Instruments, software, consumables, reagents for cell biology, gene expression, protein purification, protein quantitation, and in-vitro diagnostics.

Geographic Presence: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, U.K., U.S.

Bruker Corporation

Founded: 1961

Headquarters: Massachusetts, U.S.

Segments: Bruker Scientific Instruments, Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies.

Industries: Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Chemicals, Food and Agriculture, Microbiology, Pre-clinical Imaging, Environmental.

Geographic Presence: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, rest of the world.


Founded: 1991

Location: Czech Republic

Specialization: Development and manufacturing of chromatography data systems.

Geographic Presence: America, Asia and Pacific, Africa, Middle East.

Gilson, Inc.

Founded: 1957

Headquarters: Middleton, Wisconsin, U.S.

Focus: Automation instrumentation, chromatography systems for drug discovery, proteomics, genomics.

Geographic Presence: United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, sales offices in Western Europe.

Jasco, Inc.

Founded: 1958

Headquarters: Easton, Maryland, U.S.

Areas: Agriculture, environmental, biochemistry, chemicals, foods, beverages, forensic, toxicology, polymers, pharmaceuticals.

Products: Spectroscopy and chromatography analytical instruments.

Geographic Presence: United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Peru, France, China, India, and more.

Justice Laboratory Software

Founded: 1988

Headquarters: New Jersey, U.S.

Expertise: Leading chromatography software manufacturer.

Specialization: Superior chromatography software programs supporting liquid or gas chromatographs.


Founded: 1947

Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts, U.S.

Segments: Discovery & Analytical Solutions, Diagnostics.

Products: Diagnostics, food, environmental, industrial, life sciences research solutions.

Facilities: Europe (France, Germany, Belgium), United States, Asia (China, India, Japan).

Shimadzu Corporation

Incorporated: 1875

Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan

Business Segments: Analytical & measuring instruments, medical systems, aircraft equipment, industrial machinery.

Products: Gas and liquid chromatography systems, GC/MS systems, LC/MS systems, spectroscopy, elemental and surface analysis, life science lab instruments.

Geographic Presence: U.S., Great Britain, Germany, India, China, and more.

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SRI Instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., and Waters Corporation

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Meticulous Research predicts a growth rate of 7.8% for the Chromatography Data Systems Market during the forecast period 2017-2022. The comprehensive report covers each company in detail, providing insights into recent financial performance, key products, significant strategies, partnerships, acquisitions, and market trends.

For more in-depth information, refer to Meticulous Research®’s report on the Chromatography Data Systems Market – Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast (2017-2022). The report includes global market size estimates, market share analysis, revenue numbers, and coverage of key issues and trends.

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