Christians are encouraged to read the Bible and pray every day. There are many ways of studying the Bible. An innovative Bible reading program has been introduced. It offers a fresh approach to studying the Bible. Unlike traditional approaches, it encourages readers to study the entire Bible in chronological order and to complete the goal in one year.

Most Christians have never studied the entire Bible. Therefore, this chronological Bible reading plan offers a perfect opportunity for such people. By participating in the one year Bible reading plan, a person will differentiate themselves from peers, understand the Bible more, and also please God.

It is a well-known fact that:

1. Over 90% of Christians have never completed reading the Bible. Only 10% have read the

Bible in full. For many, the idea of studying the Bible in its entirety is something that has never

crossed their minds. A good percentage of Christians believe that it is an unachievable goal.

2. The average Christian struggles with understanding certain biblical passages. Some

passages are widely known but many remain shrouded in mystery for most Christians.

3. With the fast-paced nature of modern life, most believers have neglected to include daily devotionals with God in their routine. They are busy trying to make a living. It seems a majority of Christians are ignorant of how to approach this element of their faith.


A new program has been developed to enhance biblical understanding: "Through the Bible....

As It Happened." The uniqueness of this program lies in how it encourages chronological studying of the Bible. This refers to studying biblical events according to the order they occurred. With the chronological Daily bible reading plan, readers get assistance in interpreting and understanding various texts.


The traditional biblical format is organized by themes, where authors write about their particular situations. The authors then arranged their work into a "book" format depending on the subject matter. With this arrangement, it can be difficult for readers to understand how events fit together.

The New Testament has 27 books while the old has 39 books. All these books represent events spanning over 4,500 years. The problem is that these books are not organized according to the order of events. Therefore, readers can have difficulty understanding the relationship between events and also the historical context. With "Through the Bible... as It Happened," readers study

the Bible chronologically which helps to foster a deeper understanding.


David Shreve, the creator of this program, has reorganized biblical material in a way that facilitates a smooth chronological flow of events. This is the format that is used to write most novels, starting with the beginning scenes and followed by a series of events, which end in a conclusion.

The major advantage of this program is the chronological arrangement of events.

There are other chronological Bible approaches available out there. Some are basic

rearrangements that a person can print on a single piece of paper while others are huge

hardcover volumes that reorder the Bible. This chronological Bible reading plan stands out from other options because, on top of reordering the Bible, it also offers extensive resources and help. These resources further boost understanding and make the reading experience more comprehensive.


1- The key feature of this program is the chronological re-arrangement of the Bible. David Shreve started this project in 1974. At that time, there were no similar programs. Over the years, David has spent a lot of time researching and he has revised the program severally. This is among the most well-researched chronological Bible reading programs available to the public.

David's priority was to get the chronology of events exactly right. The final product is a testament to his efforts.


2- The extensive study aids included differentiate this program from other chronological programs. Most programs simply offer a basic rearrangement of the Bible. They don't provide explanations for hard-to-understand scriptures. With "Through the Bible... as It Happened," readers get in-depth explanations and helpful resources.


David Shreve has a minor in Greek and a degree in the Bible. From his time studying at

Cedarville University to the present moment, he has been dedicated to studying the Bible. His library has hundreds of Bible-related books. David believes in mainstream evangelical theology.

He warns readers against diverging from traditional biblical views. Therefore, the reader can rest assured that the information presented by the program is trustworthy.


"Through the Bible... as It Happened" has extensive notes that cover a wide range of topics.

With over 1,200 pages of notes, a reader will obtain a comprehensive understanding of

scripture. The notes are not only theological but they also address devotional aspects. Thus, they will help someone to grow in the faith.


David Shreve has perfected "Through the Bible... as It Happened." He has ensured that it is free of errors and addresses a wide array of topics. Those who want to study the Bible chronologically can count on this invaluable resource. It can be found on the website indicated.