With a new academic year looming, if you are responsible for the cleanliness of school, college, or university buildings, you will want to take every responsible step to ensure this in readiness for the arrival of your establishment’s latest students. 

Certain aspects of school, college, or university cleaning might seem obvious – for example, the importance of keeping on top of cleaning in order to ensure the most hygienic possible environment for students and staff alike. However, there are still certain ways in which the key decision-makers within an educational institution can get cleaning arrangements badly wrong. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the factors you will need to account for when devising a suitable cleaning and hygiene routine for your university, school, or college this year. 

Whether you actually have a plan in place 

The cleaning arrangements for your educational institution are unlikely to be adequate if they depend too much on ‘ad hoc’ interventions. 

So, you will need to put in place a cleaning plan for the premises that is clear and has been carefully thought out. Certain cleaning processes are likely to need to be prioritised over others, and there will need to be a means of keeping track of progress. Extra time will also probably need to be allowed for the cleaning of specialised parts of the site, such as food preparation areas and toilets. 

Ensuring staff members are kept informed about the cleaning arrangements 

The day-to-day life of the typical teacher, lecturer, or other member of staff at a school, college, or university can be stressful enough, without unexpected disruption being caused to their carefully laid plans by cleaning arrangements. 

So, one thing that you should not be doing, is only letting staff members know about the cleaning schedule at the last minute. An effective and efficient routine for school, college, or university cleaning will – in any case – depend on teamwork, particularly given that the staff members who normally use a given space may have their own advice on how it can best be cleaned. 

Making sure targeted plans are in place for different parts of the premises 

One of the most distinctive things about the process of cleaning an educational institution, is the sheer diversity of spaces that make up the typical school, college, or university site. 

If you are to clean a classroom effectively, for instance, the optimal arrangements for this will not be exactly the same as those for the cleaning of a kitchen, office, or lobby. This might give you all the more reason to seek out the services of skilled and experienced professionals in the cleaning of educational premises, such as our own operatives at Nationwide Property Clean. 

The safety of the cleaning products you use 

This should naturally be one of your uppermost priorities regardless of the exact space that is being cleaned. However, you should be even more vigilant about the safety of your chosen cleaning products when it is a school, college or university that you will be cleaning, with plenty of surfaces that younger people will be frequently touching. 

So, you ought to be taking care to avoid the use – wherever possible – of especially harsh chemicals, the residue from which can be harmful to sensitive skin. All the cleaning products that you use should be gentle, as part of your commitment to protecting the health and safety of site users. 

Whether students know their own responsibility to keep the premises clean and tidy 

To return to the “teamwork” theme we touched on earlier, we would also urge you to communicate the importance of cleanliness to the students who will be using the cleaned site throughout the academic year. They, too, will have a vital part to play – for example, by throwing rubbish away, instead of leaving it on the floor or on other surfaces around the premises. 

Naturally, you can help make it easier for students to fulfil these responsibilities, such as by having recycling bins dotted around the site, and making clear that students will be disciplined if they are caught leaving rubbish around. 

As we also addressed above, another thing that you can do to help ensure your educational institution’s cleanliness for the new academic year, is arrange to have professionals in school, college, or university cleaning attend your site. Request your quote from the Nationwide team today, and we will be pleased to discuss how we can provide the services that best match your needs.