Explanation of Each Quarter and Scoring Rules When it comes to understanding the NFL scoring system, it's important to break down each quarter and familiarize yourself with the different ways teams can put points on the board. In the first quarter, teams battle it out for control of the game. This is where they lay down their strategies and try to establish an early lead. Scoring in this quarter can set the tone for the rest of the game. Moving on to the second quarter, both teams continue their quest for points. This is often when offenses start finding their rhythm and making big plays. Touchdowns and field goals become crucial in order to gain momentum going into halftime. The third quarter is where things really heat up. Teams come out of halftime with adjustments and a renewed sense of urgency. The scoring opportunities increase as both sides look to take control of the game heading into the final stretch. We reach the fourth quarter - where legends are made and games are won or lost. This is when coaches pull out all stops and players give everything, they have left in them. Every score matters at this point, as time becomes a precious commodity. Get More Detailed About >>>>> https://nfl-score.com/