The latest Adopt Me update in January 2024 brings a bunch of adorable new features to the Roblox game. Get ready for a wave of cute critters, exciting items, and new pet pals!

The fresh Roblox Adopt Me update is live, and we're eager to jump in and explore all the fantastic new content it has to offer. With a constantly expanding array of Pet to adopt and trade, there's always something fun to do in this delightful simulation game.

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Here are the following items and furnishings:

Queenslander house – 1,650 bucks

Queensland crib – 95 bucks

Queensland food and water bowl – 225 bucks

Queensland bed – 102 bucks

Queensland pet bed – 98 bucks

Queensland shower – 163 bucks

Queensland paradise plant – 19 bucks

Queensland sliding door – 21 bucks

Queensland fridge – 64 bucks

Queensland door frame – 13 bucks

Queensland rubber tree – 27 bucks

Queensland wall: inner corner – ten bucks

Queensland wall: straight – eight bucks

Queensland wall: outer corner – ten bucks

The latest update not only brings exciting new content but also addresses various bugs, including visual glitches with several pets. For more details, you can explore the official Adopt Me news post or RPGStash .

Curious about the new pets in the Adopt Me update? The Queenslander House update itself doesn't introduce any new pets. However, in the previous Aussie update released on January 4, some adorable new critters were introduced.

Here are all of the new Adopt Me Aussie pets:

Quokka – 750 bucks (uncommon)

Tasmanian Devil – 1450 bucks (rare)

Kookaburra – 150 robux (ultra rare)

Jellyfish – unlocked by buying five Adopt Me UGC items in the Roblox Avatar Shop (ultra rare) offers everything you need to enhance your Adopt Me experience! Explore our extensive Adopt Me Pets collection and buy roblox robux at, check out our Adopt Me Guide for valuable insights. Whether you're looking for a specific pet, need a helpful code, or want to know the value of a trade in Adopt Me, RPGStash has you covered. Elevate your Adopt Me gaming experience with RPGStash - your go-to platform for pets, guides, and more!