Almond oil is extracted from the finest quality of almond kernels without using heat or chemical treatment, which makes it great for skin and hair. Almond oil has a light, faintly sweet aroma and a faint yellow hue, often labeled as sweet almond oil. It is rich in proteins and vitamins B2, B6, B7 and E, and other minerals. Young Chemists cold pressed almond oil can be used for cosmetics as well as culinary purposes.


Many ask us what makes us different from the competition. The little known secret is that many large suppliers of carrier oil dilute their oils with cheaper carriers to increase their profit margin. This is often done at the manufacturing level and allows some suppliers to sell their product at prices that are occasionally lower than our wholesaleprice. All of our oils are manufactured by a team of experts that are industrialists with the knowledge and experience to ensure quality and consistency that is unmatched in our opinion. That’s the Young chemist uniqueness!



  • Almond oil is effective at balancing the yeast that causes dandruff.
  • Almond oil improves complexion and skin tone.
  • Almond oil protects the skin and hair from sun damage.
  • Almond oil increases the level of High-density Lipoproteins (Good Cholesterol) in the bloodstream.
  • Almond oil is beneficial against skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  • Almond oil soothes dry skin and treats minor wounds.
  • Almond oil improves complexion and skin tone.



  • Apply Almond oil on nails and gently massage it to make them healthy and prevents from breakage.
  • Apply Almond oil on scalp and massage it to treat Dandruff and hair damage.
  • Gently rub Almond oil on cracked and chapped lips and keep it overnight to get luscious lips.
  • Apply Almond oil on eyelashes and keep it overnight to make them grow thicker and longer.
  • Almond oil can be used for salad dressing, low-heat baking, or as finishing oil on top of a dish to add extra flavor and nutrition.



  • Do a patch test before topical uses as some people may have allergy to natural oils.

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