Embarking on a journey towards a prestigious and rewarding career in Chartered Accountancy (CA) requires a solid foundation, and the CA Foundation course lays the cornerstone for aspirants. Among the plethora of choices available for CA Foundation coaching, one name stands out prominently - Parag Gupta Sir at Studybytech, renowned as India's no. 1 teacher in the field. In this blog, we delve into the subjects that form the bedrock of CA Foundation, exploring the curriculum curated by Parag Gupta's team at Studybytech.

Subject 1 Principles and Practice of Accounting

The first subject in the CA Foundation curriculum is Principles and Practice of Accounting. Parag Gupta Sir's team at Studybytech excels in simplifying complex accounting principles, ensuring that students grasp the fundamentals with ease. The subject covers accounting principles, concepts, preparation of financial statements, and an introduction to computerized accounting. Parag Gupta's teaching methodology incorporates real-life examples, making abstract accounting principles more relatable and understandable for students.

Subject 2 Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting

This combination subject aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of legal aspects relevant to business and effective communication skills. Parag Gupta's team delves into business laws, including contract laws, sales of goods, and negotiable instruments. Moreover, the module on Business Correspondence and Reporting emphasizes the development of communication skills crucial for future professionals. Parag Gupta Sir's unique approach involves practical case studies, aiding students in understanding the application of legal concepts in real-world scenarios.

Subject 3 Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics

In the dynamic field of Chartered Accountancy, mathematical skills and logical reasoning are indispensable. Parag Gupta's team ensures that students not only grasp the mathematical concepts but also understand their application in business scenarios. From basic mathematical operations to statistical tools, this subject equips students with analytical skills vital for decision-making. Parag Gupta Sir's teaching style focuses on simplifying mathematical complexities, making the subject accessible to all.

Subject 4 Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

The integration of economic principles with business knowledge is the essence of this subject. Parag Gupta's team covers topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, and contemporary economic issues. The Business and Commercial Knowledge section includes an overview of business organizations, business environments, and government policies. Parag Gupta Sir's in-depth analysis of economic trends and practical insights into commercial knowledge distinguishes Studybytech from other coaching institutes.

Parag Gupta Sir The Driving Force

What sets Parag Gupta Sir apart is not just his expertise but also his dedication to the success of his students. His teaching methodology focuses on conceptual clarity, ensuring that students not only memorize information but truly understand and apply it. The use of technology at Studybytech further enhances the learning experience, with online lectures, interactive quizzes, and comprehensive study materials.


Parag Gupta's team comprises experienced professionals who share his commitment to quality education. They understand the challenges faced by CA aspirants and provide personalized guidance to help students overcome hurdles. The team's collective efforts contribute to Studybytech's reputation as a premier coaching institute for CA Foundation.

Unique Features of Studybytech

  1. Interactive Learning Platform 

Studybytech employs an innovative and interactive online learning platform that allows students to engage with the material actively. This fosters a dynamic learning environment, keeping students motivated and attentive.


  1. Regular Assessments and Mock Tests 

Parag Gupta's team understands the importance of regular assessments. Studybytech conducts frequent tests and mock exams to gauge students' progress, identify weak areas, and provide targeted support.


  1. Comprehensive Study Material 

The study material provided by Studybytech is meticulously curated, covering every aspect of the CA Foundation syllabus. Parag Gupta Sir ensures that the material is not only comprehensive but also easily digestible for students.


  1. Personalized Mentoring 

Recognizing that every student is unique, Studybytech offers personalized mentoring sessions. This one-on-one interaction allows students to clarify doubts, seek guidance, and receive personalized advice on their academic journey.


Choosing the right coaching institute is crucial for success in the CA Foundation examination, and Parag Gupta's team at Studybytech stands out as a beacon of excellence. With a well-structured curriculum, innovative teaching methods, and a commitment to students' success, Studybytech has earned its reputation as a leader in CA Foundation coaching.


As aspiring Chartered Accountants navigate the challenging terrain of CA Foundation subjects, the guidance provided by Parag Gupta Sir and his team becomes an invaluable asset. With a focus on conceptual clarity, practical application, and personalized support, Studybytech ensures that students not only pass the examination but emerge as well-rounded professionals ready to excel in their future careers.

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