Smurf accounts have been a recurring phenomenon in LoL, but players are increasingly expressing concerns about the growing prevalence of buying new accounts.

Creating a smurf account in League of Legends has become exceptionally straightforward. Moreover, players can effortlessly manage multiple LoL Accounts simultaneously, a trend that has drawn complaints over several seasons, with smurfs posing an escalating challenge.

The issue extends beyond the players themselves; the real problem lies in the alarming ease with which players can acquire smurf accounts.

Player concerns about LoL Smurf Accounts

In League of Legends, a smurf account refers to a secondary or alternative account created by a player who already maintains a primary account. Smurf accounts serve the purpose of engaging in matches at a lower skill level compared to the player's main account, often resulting in dominating games for an easier victory.

Players commonly use smurf accounts either to practice with new champions or strategies without jeopardizing the rank of their main account or to exploit the matchmaking system by facing less skilled opponents. Although smurfing is not officially endorsed by the game, it has become a widespread practice among players.

Regrettably, the majority of players opt for the latter reason, seeking to play their preferred champions with greater ease against opponents at lower skill levels.

These players also show little concern for the consequences of their toxic behavior, as it won't impact their main account, allowing them to act as toxic as they wish without second thoughts.

However, the issue extends beyond the toxicity associated with smurf accounts; it lies in the ease of acquiring these accounts. Leveling bots are rampant in the AI match practice environment, where individuals use bots to level up accounts, subsequently selling these freshly leveled accounts for a minimal cost.

Due to the affordability of these accounts, players can effortlessly obtain a new level 30 account to enter ranked matches. The prevalence of smurfs in lower elos poses a significant challenge for genuine new players attempting to join the game. They often find themselves overwhelmed, facing constant challenges, and those stuck in Silver also experience difficulties playing against or with these smurf players.

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