Dubai offers no shortage of modern entertainment but for an authentic cultural experience, an Arabian camel safari tour allows you to explore Dubai's desert like the Bedouins did using camel caravans. BBQ Dinner Deals in dubai Camel safaris are a popular activity for tourists to get a taste of traditional Emirati life.

Why Go on a Camel Safari
A camel safari lets you:

Ride a camel and experience desert life as the Emiratis used to centuries ago.
Watch the picturesque sunset or sunrise over desert dunes from camelback.
Click memorable photographs in traditional Arabian attire with a camel.
Enjoy a smooth ride on a camel led by an experienced guide.
Camp overnight under a blanket of stars at a traditional style desert camp.
Learn about camels and their significance in Arabic culture.
Camel Safari Tour Activities
A typical evening or overnight camel safari includes:

Hotel pickup in a 4x4 vehicle and transfer to camel farm.
Brief camel riding tutorial before trekking the dunes.
Trekking the desert landscape as the sun sets.
Stopping to watch spectacular desert sunset views.
Arabic hospitality with welcome drinks and traditional costumes.
Delicious barbecue dinner and dessert at the camp.
Shisha, henna painting, Arabic coffee and music around the campfire.
Stargazing or sleeping in comfy bedouin-style tents.
Camel rides back to camp for sunrise views over dunes next morning.
Top Operators for Camel Safari Tours
Some reputable companies offering camel safaris in Dubai:

Platinum Heritage - Custom private camel tours.
Arabian Adventures - Evening camel safaris with BBQ dinner.
Desert Safari Dubai - Overnight camel safari packages.
Rayna Tours - Camel treks combined with quad biking.
Hormuz Tourism - Value deals on evening camel safaris.
Useful Tips for Camel Safari Tourists
To fully enjoy your Arabian camel safari, keep these tips in mind:

Wear casual, comfortable clothes and flat shoes suitable for desert activities.
Bring sun protection like sunglasses, hat, sunscreen for day tours.
Carry some cash for tips, water, and souvenirs at the camp.
Respect Arabic traditions and dress appropriately when visiting camps.
Opt for shorter camel rides if concerned about saddle soreness.
Hold reins properly and lean back when the camel rises for stability.
A camel safari through Dubai's desert showcases the Emirati traditions and lets you experience local culture up close. Don't miss this iconic Arabian experience on your next Dubai holiday!