Following the successful launch of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion for New World, Amazon Games is poised to usher in Season 4 with a bang. Entitled New World Eternal Frost, this latest season brings a plethora of exciting features and events for both expansion owners and base game players alike.

Fresh Storylines, Expeditions, and Artifacts Await

For players who have delved into the immersive world of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, Season 4 promises an all-new storyline to captivate their imaginations. Embark on a thrilling adventure as you confront a Knight of the Round Table who has unearthed forbidden knowledge of the Ancients, threatening to unleash chaos upon humanity. Join forces with fellow adventurers to track down and thwart the Knight's nefarious plans before it's too late.

Venture into the depths of the Great Cleave with the introduction of the Glacial Tam, a level 65 Expedition exclusive to Eternal Frost. Hidden within the frozen caverns beyond the Empyrean Forge, players will unravel the mysteries of the Empyrean Flame, harnessing primordial magic to overcome formidable challenges and claim valuable rewards. To aid in your expedition, consider stocking up on New World Coins from RPGStash. With New World Gold at your disposal, you can acquire essential supplies, enlist the help of skilled allies, and equip yourself with powerful gear to ensure your success in this treacherous journey.

But that's not all – expansion owners can also look forward to discovering eight new Artifacts scattered throughout New World. From lightning-infused Boltcaster Bows to speed-enhancing Winged Shoes, these powerful weapons and armors come with their own unique quests, offering thrilling opportunities for players to test their mettle and uncover ancient secrets.

Seasonal Extravaganza for All Players

Even if you haven't acquired the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, Season 4 has plenty in store to keep you entertained. Embrace the festive spirit with the Winter Convergence Festival, where players can immerse themselves in holiday-themed quests and festivities in charming Winter Villages. Gather Winter Tokens to unlock a treasure trove of exclusive rewards, including festive skins, emotes, housing items, and more.

But beware – a new threat looms on the horizon in the form of the Winter Warrior, a formidable open-world boss determined to plunge the land into eternal winter. Rally your allies and assemble a party of 20+ adventurers to confront this icy menace and reap the rewards of victory.

As Season 4 progresses, players can look forward to the introduction of cross-world Expeditions and an enhanced Group Finder system. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual group assembly with the new one-click Group Finder, which effortlessly assembles role-balanced parties across different worlds, streamlining the gaming experience for all.


New World Eternal Frost and Season 4 represent Amazon Games' continued commitment to delivering fresh and engaging content to players worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to Aeternum, there's never been a better time to dive into the immersive world of New World and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with discovery, danger, and endless excitement.

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