How has DLF Floors Phase 2 transformed Gurgaon?

DLF has already dominated the Gurgaon real estate by developing and constructing major structures for commercial, residential, and leisure needs. It has influenced the real estate in Gurgaon by such a great factor that DLF has already owned Gurgaon in its entirety with major parts of the town named under the corporation. DLF Cyber City, Cyber Hub, and DLF City in Gurgaon have seen most of the development with a majority of commercial structures constructed by DLF Commercial and premium residential projects developed by DLF Floors Phase 2. 

With the commercial spaces already making the news, let's get into DLF Floors Phase 2!

DLF Floors Phase 2 and Real Estate Trends

The real estate scenario in Gurgaon has changed a bit. With people wanting to invest in residential deals that involved villas, bungalows, and other stand-alone builder flats, the trends have observed a paradigm shift. The shift presently encourages apartments and flats that are located in a safe location and provide exclusive benefits beyond just a residential space.

DLF Floors Phase 2 has implemented advanced measures to ensure the quality of the housing spaces. With luxury spaces and architectural ambiance, it also provides you with a secure location, top-notch safety, and intricate interior design. 

You can expect an easy and direct commute and connectivity for your daily travel to major business centers, corporate hubs, educational institutions, advanced healthcare facilities, and other places of importance.

DLF Floors Phase 2 Projects

DLF Floors Phase 2 has many residential projects that are intricately crafted and accommodate meticulous construction. By following the trends of the real estate market, DLF Floors Phase 2 has created a legacy that is stronger than many brands’ products. 

With multiple projects already under their belt, it has provided a surplus amount of units to satiate the demands of people that hard-wired to invest in and purchase luxury apartments that come with exclusive benefits. 

Take on Sustainable Development

DLF Floors Phase 2 has incorporated numerous measures to ensure that the housing space they create should go along with sustainable development. With intricate architecture and contemporary home and interior design, the real estate developers have stirred the mix of extensive lush greens to tackle the detrimental quality of air in the capital area and NCR. With green spaces, the development has also installed numerous trees and bushes to boost the eco-friendly initiative to a new front. 

You can also avail of the terrace gardens and community centres full of greenery. 

Exclusivity and Privacy

DLF Floors Phase 2 has designed the floor plans to encourage privacy and exclusivity. With independent floors and low-density housing on each floor, you get the whole floor to yourself which increases and enhances the quality of living and brings you privacy. With the whole floor belonging to you, you get to experience the luxurious and lavish life that you always dreamt of. 

Safety and Security

Developments by DLF Floors Phase 2 undertakes serious efforts to provide a safe and sound environment. With multiple advanced measures, the development incorporates enhanced personnel to safeguard your home and prevent any security breach. The whole area accommodates 24/7 CCTV surveillance and Manual Patrols during the night time. All the projects under DLF Floors Phase 2 have gated communities and smart home solutions to restrict access so that you can manually grant access to the person who wants to enter your space.


DLF Floors Phase 2 is responsible for the rapid development in Gurgaon with scaling and skyscraping projects that are a testament to the DLF’s legacy and lineage. Settling with the trends and taking initiatives out of the box was always DLF’s idea. It was through this idea, that it has dominated Gurgaon and surpassed every other competitor in town and the whole of North India. With top-notch safety and security measures, the projects accommodate eco-friendly solutions and supplant sustainable development through multiple innovative ideas. Through compiling multiple new and innovative ideas just like these, DLF Floors Phase 2 has transformed Gurgaon into a corporate and business hub and will develop it into a residential hub sooner than you think.