Coloured aluminium covered sheet are aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets with a coating and shade remedy on the surface, which might be deep-processed products. Due to the fact power coated aluminum sheet has right flatness, corrosion resistance, decoration, and mechanical homes, it is desired by the market and is extensively used in constructing decoration, meals packaging, electronics, printing, transportation and other fields.
Shade covered aluminum is split into distinctly excessive-cease fluorocarbon(PVDF) coloration-lined and occasional-stop polyester(PE) shade-covered. PVDF has better overall performance with resistance to rain, sunlight, corrosion and Ultraviolet rays, so PVDF color coated aluminum is particularly utilized in out of doors utility and it has longer service life. PE coating has lower price and PE colour covered aluminum is mainly utilized in indoor application. 3003 shade covered aluminum sheet coil has the benefits of precise corrosion resistance, convenient processing and forming, bright hues and beautiful appearance. Aluminum magnesium manganese metal roof device is widely used in stadium steel roof, airport steel roof, theater steel roof, excessive-quit manufacturing facility metallic roof, metropolis landmark building, civil constructing and other large-scale building steel roof.
The aluminium covered sheet has a lovely appearance and long-lasting corrosion resistance. Its power is easy to install, hearth resistance and heat insulation are very good. Further, the colour-lined aluminum sheet has very good recyclability due to its special cloth, which can be stated to be very monetary.