After broiler feed is processed and modulated by Poultry Feed Pellet Making Line, it can be more convenient for chickens to eat, improve nutritional value, improve flavor and palatability, and reduce costs. Generally, the larger grains, the seeds with firm skins, cakes, hay, and dry leaves are directly used for feeding chickens, which are not conducive to the digestion and absorption of chickens. They should be crushed or ground before use, but not crushed Or the ground is too fine, beans, potatoes, cereals and animal feed (such as wedelia, raw fish scraps, etc.) after conditioning and maturation, can increase palatability, easy to digest, and can kill harmful bacteria.
Let's take a look at how this Poultry Feed Pellet Making Line works:
1) Crush
Granular materials such as corn, barley, and wheat are screened and cleaned to remove impurities such as stones and iron filings, and then sent to the crusher for crushing.
2) Ingredients and Mixing Section
According to the requirements of the formula, the corresponding drugs are added to various raw materials, and then fully stirred and mixed in a mixer. It is worth mentioning that the mixer has short mixing cycle, good mixing effect and low residual rate.
3) Granulation section
The mixed materials are extruded into granules, and then processed into final products through cooling, crushing and screening.
4) Packaging
Put the qualified finished granules into the automatic packaging machine for packaging. Then use a normal sewing machine or heat sealer to seal.
Adopt high-precision gear transmission, high efficiency.
Imported high-quality bearings, the transmission part of the whole machine has stable transmission, high efficiency and low noise.
The extended stainless steel conditioner greatly improves the tempering curing time and effect.
Using advanced octagonal cooler, the cooling effect is good, and the finished product is easy to store for a long time.
A separate soundproof room is provided to reduce noise pollution;
The computer full-screen control system can automatically control the operation of the equipment, monitor the operation data of the equipment, and realize one-key start and stop.
The operation is intuitive, safe and reliable.Feed Pellet Line manufacturers