top CBSE school in chennai 

GCIS is a K-12 CBSE affiliated school (CBSE Affiliation No. 1930905) providing a broad and balanced curriculum. We aim to develop an intellectual,socio-emotional mature child,who enjoys learning.

The education at GCIS is child-centric and every child acquires knowledge, values and life skills. The school focuses on providing holistic development by providing a wide range of learning experiences. Learners are engaged in Project-Based Learning, Reference Work, Content Presentation, Field Trips, Role Play etc.


To energise young minds, to enthuse them to be curious, to excite them to be imaginative, and to finally mould them to be good and dynamic leaders of tomorrow.


To offer value education to youngsters; to enable them to achieve their highest potential; to instil in them the qualities of hard work and perseverance, to enable them to remain focussed and to strive hard for realising their goals, to develop an international attitude to be global citizens of tomorrow.