Finding affordable parking in Melbourne's Central Business District (CBD) can be a challenge, but with some tips and tricks, you can save money and hassle. Here's a guide to finding the cheapest parking options in Melbourne CBD:

On-Street Parking:

Metered Parking: Look for cheapest parking melbourne cbd spots along the streets. Rates vary depending on the location and time of day. Early mornings and evenings may offer cheaper rates.

Free Parking Zones: Some areas have limited free parking zones. Check signage for time limits and restrictions.

2P and 4P Parking: These are popular options with time limits of 2 hours and 4 hours, respectively. Rates are generally lower than short-term parking.

Off-Street Parking:

Public Car Parks: There are several public car parks scattered throughout the CBD. Compare rates and choose the most economical option.

Early Bird Deals: Many car parks offer discounted rates for early birds. Arrive early in the morning and leave before the evening rush to get these rates.

Weekend and Evening Rates: Some car parks have special rates for weekends and evenings. Take advantage of these if you're parking during these times.

Park-and-Ride: Consider using park-and-ride facilities outside the CBD and then taking public transport into the city. This can save both parking fees and time spent in traffic.

Parking Apps and Websites:

Parking Apps: Use parking apps like Parkopedia, PayStay, or Wilson Parking to find and compare parking rates in real-time.

Online Booking: Some car parks offer discounted rates for online bookings. Check their websites or apps for deals.

Comparison Websites: Websites like Compare Parking and Cheap Parking can help you find the best deals by comparing rates across multiple car parks.

Tips for Cheaper Parking:

Plan Ahead: Research parking options before you leave home. Know the rates and availability of different car parks.

Park Further Away: Consider parking a bit further from the CBD and walking or taking public transport for the last leg of your journey.

Car Share: If you're traveling with others, split the cost of parking. Some car parks offer discounted rates for multiple occupants.

Avoid Peak Times: Rates can be higher during peak hours. Try to avoid parking during these times if possible.

Stay Updated: Parking rates and availability can change. Check for updates and any new deals regularly.


Finding the cheapest parking in Melbourne CBD requires a bit of planning and research, but it can save you money and make your visit more enjoyable. Whether you opt for on-street parking, public car parks, or park-and-ride facilities, exploring your options and using parking apps can help you find the best deals. By following these tips and staying flexible with your parking choices, you can make the most of your time in Melbourne without breaking the bank on parking fees.

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