One of the central styles of A Program in Wonders is forgiveness. The Course highlights that forgiveness is the main element to issuing the ego's grip on our heads and linking with the heavenly enjoy and mild within us. In the Course's framework, forgiveness isn't about condoning or overlooking wrongdoing, but about realizing the illusory character of the ego's judgments and grievances. By flexible the others and ourselves, we launch the burdens of shame and anxiety, allowing us to experience inner peace and a profound feeling of unity with most of creation.

The Course's teachings challenge main-stream religious and philosophical values by offering a non-dualistic perspective that distinguishes involving the confidence, which presents fear and separation, a course in miracles and the true self, which embodies enjoy and unity. The Class asserts that the ego can be an illusory create that results in putting up with, conflict, and an expression of divorce from God. To transcend the pride, one must engage in the training of forgiveness and choose to arrange with the guidance of the Sacred Spirit, which represents the style of enjoy and reality within.

A Class in Miracles also emphasizes the proven fact that nothing in the additional world has any actual power over us. It suggests that individuals project our beliefs and perceptions onto the planet, surrounding our knowledge centered on our internal state of mind. By knowing the ability of our own feelings and choosing to see the planet through the contact of enjoy as opposed to fear, we can produce a reality that's in place with your true, caring nature.The Course is often described as an application of realistic spirituality, as it presents particular instructions and day-to-day exercises that make an effort to shift one's mindset and perception. These exercises problem the reader to notice their thoughts, release judgments, and practice forgiveness in various situations. It's a call to take obligation for one's possess mind and select love over fear in all circumstances.

Additionally, A Course in Wonders is not linked with any unique religious convention, despite its Religious terminology. It stresses the universality of its information and attracts individuals from different religious backgrounds to accept their teachings. The Course's purpose is to wake the audience to their natural divinity and inspire a direct experience of God or the heavenly existence, which it describes as "the Sacred Spirit."