Designer Kurtis For The Indian Wedding Season

In India, The Entire Year Is Wedding Season, But The Peak Of This Joyous Occasion Comes Between November And February. Each Year, The Country Records A New Rise In The Number Of Marriages. Inevitably, There Is A Need—Or Rather, A Demand For Guests At Weddings To Look Their Best In Support Of The Happy Couple That Are Tying The Knot. So, Why Not Dress To Impress During The Joyous Occasion With Some Trendy And Eye-Catching Kurti Catalogue From SM Creation?

First, Let’s Look At Why A Designer Kurti Is Essential For The Wedding Season. Here Are Some Reasons N Why Dressing In A Kurti Is The Ideal Choice For You During This Wedding Season.

The First Question.


Why Choose A Designer Kurti This Wedding Season?

Why Not? Lehengas And Anarkalis Are Common, Not Everyone Can Wear A Designer Kurti And Slay During Important Occasions. The Best Part About These Types Of Kurtis Is That They Come In A Range Of Styles. From Simple Embroidery To Heavy Handiwork, The Decision About The Type Of Kurti Depends On The Taste Of The Wearer. 

Designer Kurtis Are Known For Their Handiwork. Long Gone Are The Days When Heavy Kurtis Were Synonymous With Wedding Wear. With Emerging Trends In The Fashion Industry, Simplicity Is Crucial To Making A Fashion Statement At Any Event. 

For Occasions Like Weddings Where Freedom Of Movement Can Make Or Break Your Day, Kurtis Provide Freedom Of Movement For The Occasion.

Kurtis Are Made Keeping In Mind The Comfort Level Of The Wearer, Espeially During The Wedding Season.

Kurtis Are Stylish And Are Making A Comeback To Replace The Traditional Lehenga, The Preferred Wardrobe Choice For Women During The Wedding Season.

Designer Kurtis Are Multi-Functional And Not Just One-Time Wear. Easily Convertible Into Officewear And Casual Wear Depending On The Design Of The Kurti.


Most Trending Wedding Kurti Styles This Season

Since Kurtis Are Making A Comeback This Wedding Season, Let’s Get A Bit Of Information On The Types Of Kurtis That Are Most Popular In 2022. From A Range Of Kurtis That Follow The Colloquial Pattern Or Design To Indo-Western Combinations, Some Of The Styles Of Kurtis That Won The Hearts Of Women This Year Include:

1. Indo-Western Fusion Kurti

Fusion Designer Kurtis Are Making A Comeback. With Indianwear Merging With Western Wear, Kurtis With Collars, Buttons, Western Designs, And Elements Are Trending. Western Influence On Kurti Designs Has Increased To The Extent That Dress-Type Kurtis Dominate The Comfort Market. SM Creation’s Georgette Kurti Designs Showcase How Traditional Indian Wear And Western Designs Have Merged Seamlessly Into Making Fusion Kurtis That Are Classy, Comfortable, And Trendy!

For The Wedding Season, We Recommend This Collar-Style Kurti Design Which Is The Perfect Combination Of Simplicity And Elegance.


2. Slit Kurti Catalogue

You Can Easily Incorporate A Slit Kurti Design In Your Wedding Wardrobe Collection To Look Stunning! Especially For Party Occasions Like Weddings, A Slit Kurti Gives The Wearer A Diva-Like Feeling. Make Sure To Choose The Designer Kurtis According To Your Body Type When Choosing A Kurti For A Special Day!

Some Of The Most Popular Splits:

Front Slit Kurti:

 The Style Of Front-Slit Kurtis Makes It The Ideal Party-Wear Kurti For Any And Every Occasion! In Collaboration With Being Supremely Stylish, The Kurti Is Comfortable And Flowy Making Them Breathable To Wear. 


Side Slit Kurti: 

A Classic Style That Signifies “Life Of The Party”. Side Slit Kurtis Is A Trend Popularly Hyped By Bollywood’s Clothing. Being Bold And Classy, They Have Emerged To Be The Go-To Trend For Women Who Want To Look Bold And Confident. This Style Comes In All Types Of Shapes And Cuts, Especially Designer Kurtis With Slits. Check Out Our Kurti Catalogue To Find Your Ideal Party Wear!

Harness & Rope Slit Kurti:

 These Are The Types Of Kurtis That Have Too Much Slit And Require Some Harness-Like Ropes To Fix The Kurti Together. The Best Part About These Slit Kurtis That Have Some Attachments To Them Is The Intricate Patterns And Ways That They Can Be Tied. Designer Kurtas Mostly Have Some Heavy Work On The Roper Or Sashes For These Slit Kurtis Giving Them An Elegant Look.

3. Skirts

Kurtis With Skirts Might Seem Like An Odd Combination. But, In Reality, Short Kurtis And Skirts Perfectly Blend Into One Another. Think Of It Being A Comfortable Version Of The Lehenga. Separately, Skirts And Kurtis Are The Go-To Look For 21st Century Women. This Is Especially True During The Wedding Season Where Skirts Embody Elegance. 

Straightline Skirts, Cancan Skirts, Lehenga-Style Skirts, Pleated Skirts – Nearly Anything Can Be Added Into The Kurti Catalogue As Long As The Styles Match. We Recommend Mixing It Up With Contrasting Colors And Textures To Give Your Skirt-Kurti Combination A Wedding Look. In Addition, With The Skirt And Kurti, All You Will Need Is A Dupatta To Turn Your Wardrobe Into A Lehenga! The Scope With Pairing Kurtis And Skirts Is Unmeasurable, Try It Out Today!


4. Fancy Sleeves

The Distinguishing Feature Of A Normal Kurti From A Designer Kurti Meant For Weddings And Other Occasions Would Be The Way That The Sleeves Are Made. Kurtis With Fancy Embroidery Work Sleeves, Puff Sleeves, Bell Sleeves, Slit Sleeves, Sleeves With Zari Work, And More Are Popular For Party And Occasion Wear. These Sleeves Are Inspired By Italian And French Fashion Which Are Comfortable To Wear And Which Look Stunning. 



5. Fabric

Elegant Material Is The Need Of The Hour Especially During The Wedding Season. Though The Preferred Choice Of Fabric For Any Cloth Worn Is Cotton, The Hype Of Being A Special Occasion Requires A Specially Designed Fabric. The Most Popular Fabrics For The Wedding Season Include Silk, Chiffon, Cotton, And On An Extreme Note – Velvet. Fabric And Design Go Hand-In-Hand To Make The Ideal Wedding Season Kurti Wardrobe. 


Some Essential Points To Remember For The Ideal Wedding Look

Wardrobe Perfection Is Only Possible Through The Assembly Of Perfect Elements Together. This Includes Not Only The Kurti That You Are Going To Wear, But The Entire Ensemble You Put Together. While We At SM Creation Are Experts In The Designer Kurti Catalogue Department, We Recommend Selecting Kurtis That Are A Perfect Match For Your Skin Tone

In Addition, We Also Recommend Selecting The Kurti Fabric From Our Kurti Catalog That Is Most Comfortable To Wear. Fashion And Comfort Should Go Together To Ensure A Serving Look At Weddings! Choose Correctly From A Wide Range Of Designer Kurtis By SM Creation.



This Wedding Season Is Prepared To Serve The Best Possible Fashionista Look With Designer Kurtis. Ditch The Heavy Lehengas And The Uncomfortable Anarkalis To Find A Kurti That Perfectly Matches Your Style And Your Video. Keep Into Account The Different Kurti Trends For This Year To Stand Out From The Crowd. While Traditional Kurtis Are Wonderful, We Recommend Doing Something “Hatke” To Be The Show-Stopper At Weddings.

Style, Fabric, Design, And Color Are The Most Important. As Many Would Say During Weddings – What You Wear During This Joyous Occasion Is What Everyone Will Remember! Select A Kurti That Is Going To Blend With The Wedding Season Perfectly From SM Creation.