When used properly, window screens are essential to us, and we are glad to discuss why they are so successful in our daily lives. We are so confident in their efficacy that we provide a variety of standard and speciality window screens, with custom window screens being our main focus. Browse our site to learn about all the benefits window screens may offer you and your house, and shop online for a wide selection of the Best Window screens in Florida.

Benefits Of Window Screens

Protect Us From Disease

Modern society suffers the negative impacts of fewer infections linked to bugs since annoyances like flies and mosquitos no longer have free reign to fly and wander around our homes whenever they choose. In the 1930s, when window screens first became common, about 33% of people in the US's Southeast region suffered from jungle fever. After that, there have been far fewer cases of jungle fever. – almost killing the American disease. According to some viewpoints, the lack of window partitions in modern homeowners' homes increases the risk for current diseases spread by mosquitoes, such as West Nile and, shockingly, yellow fever. Although some people find window screens repulsive or may perceive them as an additional household expense, the insurance they provide against illness is definite.

Keep various annoyances out

Screens keep out a variety of annoyances, including raccoons, squirrels, birds, and even troublemakers. However, we wouldn't consider the majority of birds and other small animals to be annoyances; if left free in our homes, these creatures would be a nuisance. They would destroy our homes, contaminate our food, and poop on our floor coverings. They could also transmit harmful diseases like rabies. You may thank your screens that the experience was limited to a single occasion if you've ever enjoyed chasing or catching a squirrel, bat, bird, or even a bear out of your house - don't try to drive a tiger out of your house; it's dangerous.

Control Appeal Offers

Additionally, screens provide control in advance. Screens that are there and that are flawless and meticulously maintained can create a good first impression with potential home buyers. Since you cannot create a second first connection, it is wise to make sure your displays are in perfect shape before making your home available. Clean those screens! Even if the inside of your home is beautiful, if the outside is unkempt or lacking in any way, you can bet that you might have trouble selling it or getting the price you want for it.

Is a Cover

Additionally, garage door screens can serve as coverings to trap heat during the winter and cool air during the sweltering summer. Screens might not do as much as they should to maintain your home's ideal temperature. However, your well-maintained windows and the argon and krypton in the space between your window sheets may definitely be a factor! In order to maintain the heat inside during the cooler months, make sure to fix any openings and tears in your window screens.