In version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail, upcoming leaks have unveiled a new weekly boss for players to challenge. This action RPG engages players in battles against various enemies, including formidable bosses found in modes such as the simulated universe and the forgotten hall. These bosses are notably more powerful than regular mobs and yield specific materials necessary for relic ascension.

The weekly bosses in Honkai: Star Rail make their appearance in the Echo of War mode, which becomes accessible after completing the "In the Dangerous Muddy Swamp" quest. Players have the opportunity to confront these adversaries three times a week, in pursuit of relics and ascension materials. Moreover, triumphing over these bosses in special areas like Destroyer's Final Road and Guardian's Lament can earn trailblazers the coveted Lucent Afterglow. Presently, there are four weekly bosses in Honkai: Star Rail: Doomsday Beast, Cocolia, Phantylia the Undying, and Starcrusher Swarm King, each with distinct elemental weaknesses.Recent leaks from Astute and Guraleak have unveiled an imposing new weekly boss that will make its debut in version 2.2 of Honkai: Star Rail. This colossal creature sports a haunting ceramic visage, elongated arms, and a sheer magnitude akin to other formidable bosses in the space RPG. Notably, it bears a striking resemblance to a male iteration of Ena the Order, a prominent divine figure within the game's narrative.

According to the leaked information, this boss is set to drop coveted rare items, including the Ashblazing Grand Duke relic set and a mysterious item known as the Light Cone. Its lair is said to be located in the Echo of War.

In terms of combat strategy, the boss is rumored to exhibit vulnerabilities to four elemental weaknesses: physical, quantum, imaginary, and lightning. Moreover, it is said to possess three layers of toughness, allowing players to trigger break damage three times during the encounter. This revelation suggests that characters reliant on Honkai: Star Rail's break effect may witness a surge in popularity in the forthcoming version.

Furthermore, recent leaks indicate a significant shift in the game's mechanics, wherein certain enemies, including the upcoming weekly boss, will boast additional layers of toughness in the next version of Honkai: Star Rail. This alteration is poised to enable players to exploit break damage and elemental weaknesses multiple times during combat, potentially reshaping the meta. Notably, characters such as Ruan Mei, Xueyi, and Gallagher are anticipated to become pivotal in aiding players to overcome bosses equipped with multiple toughness bars.

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