In Brawl Stars, the choice of gadgets and gears for your brawler can significantly influence your performance in matches.

Charlie, a mythic brawler, possesses a unique single ammo bar that refills upon the return of her yo-yo. Despite having moderate health, she can be a formidable character when utilized effectively.

Here's a breakdown of the optimal build for Charlie in Brawl Stars:

  • Best Charlie Build Overview
  • Best Charlie Gadgets
  • Best Charlie Gears
  • Best Charlie Star Power
  • How to Unlock Charlie in Brawl Stars

Best Brawl Stars Charlie Build Overview:

The recommended loadout for Charlie in Brawl Stars includes: - Gadget: Spiders (Charlie releases three spiders that target the nearest enemy, inflicting damage.) - Gear 1: Speed (Gain a 15% movement speed bonus when traversing bushes.) - Gear 2: Damage (Obtain a 15% damage boost when health is below 50%.) - Star Power: Digestive (Enemies trapped in Charlie's cocoon lose 25% of their health upon the cocoon's destruction.)When it comes to optimizing Charlie's build in Brawl Stars, there are several key components to consider for maximizing her effectiveness on the battlefield.

First and foremost, the recommended gadget for Charlie is the "Spiders" gadget. This gadget allows Charlie to unleash three spiders that will target and attack the nearest enemy, making it an ideal choice for aggressive play and dealing damage to opponents.

Alternatively, for a more defensive approach, the "Personal Space" gadget can be utilized. This gadget provides the benefit of healing Charlie for 50% of her health once her cocoon is broken, offering valuable survivability in intense combat situations.

In terms of gears, prioritizing "Speed" and "Damage" gears is advised for Charlie. The "Speed" gear grants a 15% movement speed boost when moving through bushes, enhancing Charlie's mobility and maneuverability on the map. Meanwhile, the "Damage" gear empowers Charlie to deal an additional 15% damage when her health falls below 50%, enabling her to pack a stronger punch during critical moments of battle.

For those seeking to enhance their gadget management, the option to swap out the "Speed" gear for the "Gadget Charges" gear is available. This alternative gear provides an extra charge for Charlie's gadget, offering tactical flexibility and the potential to sway the tide of combat with additional gadget utility.

By carefully selecting the "Spiders" gadget, optimizing gears for speed and damage, and considering the potential of additional gadget charges, players can construct a potent and versatile build for Charlie in Brawl Stars.

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