She is life-sized, realistic, with beautiful hair and dark eyes. this lifelike sex doll torso has tight, curvy hips to satisfy all your fantasies and sexual desires. She can perfectly embody classic femininity. This airy and authentic sex torso doll will satisfy all your wild sexual fantasies.

Bathing torso sex dolls is very important. Here are some simple tips on how and when to do this.

When cleaning a real doll torso for the first time, it is best to use a microfiber cloth, soap and water.

For further cleaning, you can also use baby oil instead of soap and water. Even though baby oil is used as a skin softener, it is a very good TPE cleaner. Dip a microfiber cloth in baby oil and gently wipe to remove any residue or dirt. (Repeat, don't be rude!)

Every time you use it in your bedroom, shower or bathroom, you must clean your torso sex doll's holes thoroughly with a mild antibacterial soap.

Do not submerge your torso sex dolls in water!

sex doll torso

Only love doll torsos without legs can bathe, but be careful not to splash water on the seams of the head or neck.

Do not apply water pressure to the sex torso doll's opening. The opening can be damaged.

Drying tips:

When drying your love doll torso, do not wipe it with a towel. A good trick is to pat the torso sex doll with a towel until it is dry.

Do not use a hair dryer or other strong heat source to dry the torso sex dolls as the high heat will melt the TPE material.

Allow the torso love doll's opening to dry completely so that it does not get wet. A good way to do this is to place the love doll torso on its back, spread the legs and open the vagina (in the prepared position), place a small fan and blow the fan into a wet hole that dried in medium.