My partner laughed at me and said it was a big fart. It was so bad that I clicked on the website my friend sent me and ordered it. I had never visited a website like this before. I think one day I will even consider buying a dummy myself.

I was fooled on April Fool's Day. Finally, the day passed and I was still suffering.

I had forgotten the real love doll torso when the courier knocked on my door, so I somehow signed for it and opened it. This made me shudder, but then my face turned red. I blamed myself for buying such a thing, but at the same time I was fascinated by this torso sex doll. I gently stroked it and was even more amazed at how real it felt! This is what we live for, I thought.

My girlfriend's face was wiped away in front of me and I immediately pulled out her picture, pasted it on the torso sex doll's face, threw her on the bed, pulled down my pants and let out all my anger! At that moment, I realized that my girlfriend had been wiped out in front of my eyes.

Female Torso Sex Dolls Masturbator

I hated doing such a ridiculous thing in hindsight, but now I enjoyed the joy of it. I must say that I feel much better physically and mentally after watching the Love Doll Torso video…….

I was too embarrassed to admit it. I thought he would laugh at me, but I know that he would even exchange with me, so many people in the group bought real doll torso who loved them! . He also said that he could satisfy his desires without seeing his girlfriend's face and that he would not cheat on her mind. Even some of my girlfriends know about it and play with their boyfriends! It's the same with my friends.

I had to wonder about the ingenuity of these women who followed the European and American trend of threesomes and NPs while controlling their boyfriends and not cheating on them.

I looked at the sex doll torso lying on the bed again. She looked like a calm girl with a permanent smile on her face. She was not particularly eager for sex and moaned in time with my movements……. I went over and lay down. I snuggled up to my life-sized torso love doll and slept peacefully all night.

After that, I was very happy. Every day when I came home from work and opened the door to my room, I saw her smiling face. She sat quietly next to me while I worked or played a game. Gradually, the pain my ex-girlfriend had caused me was gently soothed by her.
In just two months, I regained my old confidence and cheerfulness. I made friends with a new girl again.

Without her, I would not have been able to overcome the setbacks in my life so quickly, and then I might have failed…… This is my experience and I hope it will help you too.

Would you introduce her to your girlfriend in the future? I think I will find a girl who understands me, who loves me with all her heart, who follows me without complaint, who accepts me and who embraces the silicone sex doll torso that once gave me strength. I have full confidence in my life.