Here are the basics you need to know about Small Sex Doll Torso.

Everyone loves Small Sex Doll Torso. Sex doll torsos offer the beginning of sex, friendship and a way to explore one's fantasies.

Sex torso dolls are amazing. There are some fascinating truths you should know about life-size torso sex dolls.

Yes, men have sex with them. That's why men call them torso sex dolls.

Even the simplest, cheap looking torso sex dolls are designed to give men a satisfying experience. Men can live out all their wild fantasies with torso sex dolls and complete heifer doll torsos and satisfy themselves in a variety of ways without hurting the real woman. For the few men who don't know about sex doll torsos yet, this may come as a shock, but it's true.

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For some men, torso sex dolls are not just for sex

Male sex doll torso owners should develop feelings for the German brand of current torso sex dolls. The fact that many men in our society are even married to torso sex dolls fulfills not only an emotional need but also a sexual need.

Sex torso dolls are actually a man's thing

In reality, most torso sex dolls are owned by men. The majority of deceased owners were men, but some devoted women also acquired sex doll torsos. The number of female owners is increasing as women become sexually active and dare to satisfy their sexual needs.

Japanese brothels have torso sex dolls, not human prostitutes

Sex doll torso brothels are becoming increasingly popular, and the demand for them is increasing day by day. Some countries have adapted to this fashion. This trend is likely to continue in the future, and, believe it or not, people may prefer real women in St. Paulson's or sex torso dolls in prostitutes or trendy male masturbation toys.

Sex torso dolls are mainly known as Dutch wives in Japan.

The reason for this name is that the deceased Real Doll Torso were originally designed by Dutch sailors. Later, the Dutch made these torso
dolls from natural leather and also sold them to the Japanese, who commonly called them Dutch busts.