PVC foil; is an adhesive material used in different manufacturing sectors. PVC foils, which are specially designed for different applications such as advertisement, promotion, decoration, and door covering, are also known as adhesive foils. Generally, foils used for digital printing are self-adhesive and can be easily applied on any substrate. PVC foils are products with unlimited color options. Therefore, it is frequently used in advertising and design craftsmanship.

In addition to all these, PVC foil is a very durable material. Therefore, PVC foil has been used in the production of interior doors in recent years. We all know PVC-coated doors. PVC door models, which have been very popular in recent years, are long-lasting and durable interior door types.

PVC foil is a type of foil applied with Vacuum Press machines. First of all, doors are placed on vacuum press machines. Then, whatever color door we want, that color is laid on the PVC foil door. Vacuum press machines affix the PVC door foil on the door under high temperature and pressure.

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