What Is Wintertodt ?

Wintertodt is a fire making minigame where the players fight against a snowy monster by lighting fires. 

Why Should You Kill Wintertodt ?

Wintertodt is a great alternative to train your firemaking level! It is much less click intensive than regular fire making training. It also rewards the player at the end of each kill so instead of losing money training firemaking, you are making it. Lastly you can get the pyromancer set from this minigame which increases your firemaking gains by %2.5.

Wintertodt Guide

To kill Wintertodt, you will be needing some equipment. You can use Runescape Gold to buy some equipment, or you can directly buy some OSRS Items on other platforms to enhance your character's combat effectiveness. Firstly you will need some tools to progress in the minigame those are:

  • Knife
  • Hammer
  • Axe
  • Tinderbox

Secondly you will need to wear equipment that is counted as “warm clothing”. Here is a list of items that you can wear:

  • Full santa outfit
  • Full antisanta outfit
  • Full bunny outfit
  • Full clue hunter outfit 
  • Full pyromancer outfit
  • Full chicken outfit
  • Full evil chicken outfit
  • Polar camo top & legs
  • Wood camo top & legs
  • Jungle camo top & legs
  • Desert camo top & legs
  • Larupia hat, top & legs
  • Graahk headdress, top & legs
  • Kyatt hat, top & legs
  • Bomber cap & jacket
  • Yak-hide armour top & legs

Head Slot

  • Santa, black santa, inverted santa hat
  • Festive elf hat
  • Bunnyman mask
  • Bearhead
  • Fire & Elemental tiara
  • Lumberjack hat
  • Firemaking, fire max & Infernal max hood

Neck Slot

  • Jester, tri-jester, woolly, booble, gnome, rainbow scarf

Hands Slot

  • Gloves of silence
  • Fremennik gloves

Cape Slot

  • Firemaking, fire, infernal cape, obsidian cape
  • Any max cape

Weapon Slot

  • Any fire related staff ( including staves, battlestaves, mystic staves, combination staves )
  • Infernal axe, pickaxe, harpoon
  • Volcanic abyssal whip
  • Ale of the gods
  • Bruma torch ( can be used instead of a tinderbox )

Shield Slots

  • Tome of fire
  • Lit bug lantern

Body Slot

  • Ugly halloween jumper

Ring Slot

  • Ring of the elements

Feet Slot

  • Festive, mole & frog slippers
  • Bear & demon feet

You can use any of these outfits in any combination you please to take less damage from Wintertodt. However always use the pyromancer outfit pieces whenever you get them, including the bruma torch.

Lastly you will need to bring around 6 - 8 food.


During the fight you will be doing 3 things:

  • Chopping the wood & fletching the logs (if you choose to)
  • Putting the logs in the brazier
  • Repairing the brazier

After you chopped the wood you can choose to fletch the logs which grants you more points which then in turn increases your points. Doing this will yield more rewards but less firemaking exp.

Wintertodt has 3 different types of attacks:

  1. Standard Attack: Wintertodt will randomly damage players. The rate of attack goes down with its energy levels.
  2. Brazier Attack: Clusters of snow will start to fall on the brazier and after a few seconds they will break the brazier. When you see the snow falling down move 1 tile away from the brazier to avoid taking any damage. After avoiding the damage you can repair the brazier using your hammer, then lighting it up again using your tinderbox.
  3. Area Attack: Clusters of snow will occasionally fall in random 3x3 spaces. If you see the snow falling on top of you move away from that area to avoid taking damage.

Throughout the fight, you will take damage with the message  “the cold of the Wintertodt seeps into your bones”. When this happens it will interrupt whatever action you were doing so you should immediately start doing the action again.

Full Game

  1. After you enter the Wintertodt arena run to either the west or the east side of the room and light the brazier.
  2. After lighting the brazier, start chopping the roots coming out from the wall. After your inventory becomes full, start fletching your logs if you want the highest possible points.
  3. Add your logs or fletched logs to the brazier and repeat this cycle.
  4. If the brazier gets broken, repair it and light the fire inside it for additional points

Additional Tips & Tricks

  1. It’s always a good idea to not fletch a few logs in your inventory and use them in a more time efficient way. You can fletch one log while running towards the brazier or back to the tree roots. You can also fletch one log, in the same tick of repairing or lighting the brazier.
  2. You can turn on your game sound to hear your character's damage sound to avoid wasting time when the cold seeps into your character's bones.
  3. You can turn on your entity hider on runelite to better see the Wintertodt’s area of effect attacks.
  4. You can increase your kill rate by downloading the plugin called “Wintertodt Scouter” on runelite plugin hub. This plugin shows you the health of the Wintertodt in all the Wintertodt worlds. You can finish a kill in one world and immediately hop to a world that has %60 or above Wintertodt energy. Don’t hop into the worlds that are really close to killing it as you will not receive any rewards.

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Article From: OSRS Wintertodt Guide