China easy sublimation paper Jumbo paper factory manufacturer in Guangzhou City China who Covering an area more than 20,000sqm. We are committed to producing, slitting, and selling all kinds of sublimation paper, as well as protective paper for roller heat press machine transfer. There is an independent coating workshop to coat the paper, and the quality inspection department checks the quality of the paper. It produces the base paper of sublimation paper. Finally, it is transported to the slitting workshop for slitting into rolls of paper of different widths and meters.In this way we could control the quality from every step. Regarding sublimation paper, there are mainly different widths ranging from small to large size, ranging from 21cm-320cm. And each size has different grams to meet different customer needs. The higher grams will be the thicker the paper.33 grams-100 grams etc respectively. Followed by sticky sublimation paper. High-adhesive viscosity, can more stably fix the paper and fabric without moving during transfer, and ensure the quality of transfer. In terms of product sales, we have always insisted on win-win cooperation, we look forward and welcome you to become our distributorsChina easy sublimation paper website: