Influencers, Especially Fashion Influencers, Have Continually Showcased Their Influence Through Content. They Have Unique Styles And Tastes And A Keen Eye For Taking Something Ordinary And Making It Great. 

Influencers Are Followed On Social Media For Their Uniqueness. In India, Especially Where There Are Several Designer Kurti Styles And Cultural Differentiation, Influencers Go All-Out To Ensure That They Do Justice To Fashion Trends.


Designer Kurtis X Influencers

Indian Fashion Has Always Influenced Fashionistas Around The World. It Is No Surprise That Designer Kurtis Have Had Such A Change In Style. The Kurti Is One Of The Most Notorious Styles That Are Not Only Common In India But Is Worn Casually Abroad As Well. 

Influencers Have Their Unique Way Of Dressing In A Designer Kurti. The Majority Of Designers Prefer To Purchase Their Indian Wardrobe From An Online Kurti Design Catalog. From There, It’s Just About Individual Taste And How Various Combinations Work Out When Combined Randomly.

It Used To Be Brand Ambassadors Who Highlighted The Designs And Classiness Of Designer Kurtis. This Was Due To Their Association With Certain Top Brands. However, With The Internet And Nearly Anyone’s Ability To Reach A Specific Audience, Many Influential Communities Have Emerged. 


There Is More To The Design Of Designer Kurtis Than The Brand Alone.


What Makes A Designer Kurti Special?

By Definition, A Designer Kurti Is No Longer Labeled By The Brand That Has Made The Kurti But Is More Of A Factor In The Build Of The Kurti Itself. A Designer Kurti Is Usually Categorized By The Fabric, Embroidery, And Style Of The Garment.

According To These Categories, Wholesale Kurtis Online Also Fall Under The Designer Collection. For Purchasing A Good Designer Kurti Online, The Following Checklist Is Essential. 


  • Nothing But The Best Quality Should Be Used. Be It Cotton, Silk, Velvet, Or Any Other Material, Top Quality Ensures Long-Lasting And Impressionable Wear.
  • The Difference Between Them And Regular Kurtis Lies In The Way They Are Stitched Or Embroidered. Designer. Kurti Designs Catalog Online Has A Host Of Different Kurtis And The Only Distinguishing Factor Is The Look Of The Kurti. Plain Kurtis Have Simple Designs And Stitches While Designer Kurtis Go Above And Beyond To Ensure That They Are Different In Other Ways.
  • More Weight. There Is No Denying That Kurtis That Are Designer Has A Different Feel To The Skin Of The Wearer. They Are Not Only Heavier But Feel Different To The Skin. Designer Kurtis That Do Not Have A Comfortable Lining On The Inside, These Kurtis Can Be Uncomfortable For The Wearer. Thankfully, Wholesale Kurtis Online Come With Comfort Liners And Designs That Are Perfect For Every Occasion.


India’s Top Influencers & Indian Wear

Fashion Influencers Have Taken Over Social Media To Affect And Inspire Millions Of People. From Simple Dressing Tips To Matching Kurtis According To One’s Skin Tone, Makeup, And More. These Influencers Have A Huge Fan Following On Social Media But Are Notorious For Being Very Engaging And Affecting The Dressing Sense And Taste Of Thousands. 

The Question Lies – How Are These Influencers Working With Ethnic Wear And Inspiring Millions To Do The Same? We’ve Compiled A List Of Influencers And How They Have Changed Designer Kurtis Into Their Unique Style


Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey Is The Queen Of Fashion Influencers. On Instagram, She Is Most Active And Consistently Creates Reel Content. Known For Her Creativity, All Her Looks Are Out-Of-The-Box. Komal Chooses Kurti Design Catalogs And Mismatched Clothes And Accessories To Create A Complete Look For Every Occasion, In Addition To Dressing In Ordinary Clothes In Extraordinary Ways.

Komal’s Looks Are Not Only Easy To Recreate, But Also Come With Step-By-Step Instructions.

Komal Has Received Great Praise For Her Uniqueness And Her Creativity. In Addition, Due To Her Take On Different Ways To Wear Designer Kurtis, Her Content Was Especially Popular During India’s Festive Season. A Must-Follow For Many Who Want To Go Out Of Their Way To Ensure A Classy And Elegant Look. 


Siddharth Batra

Breaking Stereotypes And Utilizing The Best Resources Available, Siddharth Batra Is A Known Name In The World Of Fashion Influencers. Apart From His Take On Western Clothes, His Style Of Recreating Indian Wear To Make It Look Elegant Has Inspired Thousands. Additionally, Siddharth Has Become Popular For His “Get Ready With Me” Videos, Which Feature His Daily Looks.

A Leading Influencer On The “Ootd” Style, Siddharth Has Harnessed The Full Potential Of Kurti Design Catalogs To Create Authentic Indian Wear Looks.


Janvi Kapoor

Janvi Kapoor Is One Of The Most Influential Fashionistas In Bollywood. She Is Notorious For The Way That She Styles Herself In Indian Design And Clothes, Making Her Look Classy. Her Style Is To Take Ordinary Kurti Designs And Turn Them Into Designer Kurtis.

Along With Her Sharp Attention To Detail For Accessorizing, Janvi’s Wardrobe Seems To Be Composed Mostly Of Indian Wear. With Her Outdoor Looks, Janvi Has Inspired Thousands Of People To Adopt A Kurti Approach To Their Everyday Dressing.


Where To Purchase Designer Kurtis Like Influencers

If You Think That Fashion Influencers, Like Any Other Regular People, Make Purchases From Clothing Stores In Malls And Street-Side Stores, Then You Are Right. The Thing About Building A Wardrobe Nowadays Is That There Is Less Reliance On Branded Material. In Reality, The Majority Of Influencers Buy Their Clothes And Build Their Outfits Through Online Stores. 

For Indian Wear, Online Stores That Have Kurti In Wholesale, And Online Catalogs Are Most Preferred Over Others. With The Internet, There Are Several Clothing Wholesalers Online. But The Reality Of It Is That Certain Parameters Assist In Determining The Best Wholesale Kurti Shop In India.


How We Assist

Building A Wardrobe Which Is Not Only Stylish To Look At But Also Comfortable May Seem Like A Mammoth Task. But, In Reality, The Task Is Really About Making The Right Choices, Having The Right Taste, And Knowing What Works Best According To One’s Body Type.

We At SM Creation Are An E-Commerce Platform That Specializes In Providing Wholesale Kurtis And Indian Wear. Our Kurti Catalogs Have Been Renowned For Their Variety, Style, And Patterns. We Have Been The Go-To Destination For Several Influencers In Their Creation Of Content Around Indian Wear.