American Airlines is one of the world's largest airlines, with more than 6,700 daily flights to 350 destinations in 50 countries. As such, it has an extensive seating policy that passengers must adhere to when booking their tickets. But what happens if you don’t pay for a seat on American Airlines? This article will explain how American Airlines seat choice works and the consequences of not paying for a seat when flying with them. 

How Does American Airlines Seat Choice Work?

When booking your ticket online or over the phone, customers have the option to select their own seats at no additional cost. Customers can also choose from different types of seating options including Economy Class, Premium Economy Class and Business Class depending on their budget and needs. Customers who do not select a specific seat will be assigned one by airport personnel prior to boarding based on availability at check-in time or during pre-boarding procedures. If there are still available seats after all other passengers have been seated then those without paid reservations may be allowed to take them as well as long as they follow airline regulations regarding seating assignments.  

 What Are The Consequences Of Not Paying For A Seat On American Airlines?

If you fail to pay for a seat reservation before boarding an American flight then you could face several potential consequences:  

 1) Denied Boarding – In some cases, customers who do not pay for a reserved seat may be denied boarding due to safety reasons or lack of space onboard the aircraft . This means that even if there are empty seats available after all other passengers have boarded , these individuals may still be turned away from getting onto the plane .   

 2) Delayed Departure – When someone fails to purchase a reserved seat , it can cause delays in departure times due to having extra people trying board last minute . This can create further complications since many flights operate under tight schedules and any delay could result in missed connections or other issues down line .    

 3) Uncomfortable Flight Experience – Without reserving your own spot , you run into risk of being stuck in middle seats between two strangers which can make your journey uncomfortable especially during longer flights where legroom is limited . Additionally , some airlines offer certain amenities such as priority boarding access only those who purchase premium class tickets so failing reserve ahead time might mean missing out these benefits altogether .     

 4) Additional Charges - Lastly , most airlines charge fees when selecting specific seats so failing book ahead time could lead additional charges being added onto ticket price once arrive airport check-in counter either day flight departs or upon arrival destination city (depending airline).   


In conclusion , it’s important understand how does american airlines work before making decision whether want pay extra money reserve particular spot onboard aircraft otherwise risk facing potentially unpleasant consequences outlined above like denial boarding delayed departures etc... By familiarizing yourself policies related purchasing seating arrangements beforehand ensure smoother travel experience overall!