League of Legends Lethality is very important to players, but thankfully, League of Legends gives players a lot of freedom to buy items to increase lethality, and it interacts with armor in a way that players need to pay attention to. League of Legends Lethality is a relatively new feature, a stat that affects how you build your character. Players need to know more about lethality in League of Legends.

What is League of Legends Lethality?

Lethality was originally interpreted as "flat armor penetration", which is not confusing at all, since League of Legends already has an armor penetration mechanic. While lethality is very closely related to armor stats, it is a different concept than armor penetration. Lethality is better described as Armor negation. If you hit an unarmored enemy, you will hit them with your maximum damage.

Damage cancels out the enemy's armor stat; 20 damage cancels 20 armor, 10 damage reduces 20 armor to 10, and so on. If that enemy has 10 armor, they will negate most of the damage you do. However, if you have 10 kills, you can negate the enemy's 10 armor and hit them with max damage.

How to use it LoL Lethality

Conceptually, Lethality sounds pretty powerful. However, it doesn't end up being that powerful due to factors like cost and the amount of armor your enemies can and should get. It can be very useful, but it's not a way to completely circumvent Armor.

The main use of Lethality is to punish opponents for not buying enough armor. It's especially useful against Assassin Champions, where it pops up and wipes out mid-laners or ADCs who don't have the necessary armor to stop it.

A typical item to buy when starting to build Armor Piercing is the Serrated Short Dagger, which costs 1100 gp and provides 10 Armor Piercing. When you consider that the cloth armor costs 300 gold and grants 15 armor points, which more than offsets the 1100 gold spent on the Jagged Dirk, you can see how easy it is to counter armor piercing.

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