Thanks to occupied home staging professionals, selling your house while you're still living in it is considerably simpler than you may imagine.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that staging their home requires it to be empty. Sadly, they lose out on a chance. Some people might not even be aware of the idea. The act of making your home stand out and marketable while you and your family are still able to live there comfortably is known as "occupied home staging."


1. Occupied Staging Is Convenient for You

Even without the additional burden of putting a house on the market, sellers' lives are already full of daily obligations. Fortunately, the main focus of occupied staging is the seller's convenience.

The homeowner's furnishings are used when a professional stages an existing home. Therefore, there is no need to pack up your belongings, store them, or rip up your living space.

The stager will take care of everything as part of their creative process. To highlight the space, they'll rearrange some of your current furniture or décor. They might rent goods from their inventory to spruce up a place or buy accessories.


2.  It’s an Investment — Not an Expense  

Staging an occupied property is an investment, not a pointless expenditure. When you sell the residence, you will get your money back. According to a Coldwell Banker survey, staged homes frequently sell for more than 6% over asking price.

After all, presenting an owner-occupied property enables potential buyers to relate to and appreciate each space. Better offers result as a result of this. If you want to sell your home, we will help you to make your property to look more beautiful with our home staging in Seattle service.


3. Style Stands Out for Marketing Purposes

Everyone is aware of how important first impressions are. Experts are well-versed in using your occupied area to produce picture-perfect sceneries. Your home will stand out from other homes for sale when you upload images to your internet listing. With best Home Staging Seattle service, you can give new look to your property.

Your images are unquestionably worth a thousand words because, in accordance with the same NAR data, an astonishing 90% of prospective buyers conduct an online search as their initial step in the home-hunting process.


4.  Your Home Will Sell Faster

Buyers may visualize how simple it would be to live there when they saw a well arranged home. A professional stager knows how to make alterations to make your home enticing to potential buyers while preserving a pleasant home for you during the marketing process, even though you constructed it to meet your own tastes and lifestyle.

The same Coldwell Banker survey indicates that staged properties frequently list for half as long as unstaged homes.

Trying to differentiate yourself from the crowd? Decor Trendz will assist you in changing your "for sale" sign into one that reads "sold." Call us right away!