The oil pump is an essential part of any engine. It helps to circulate oil throughout the system, ensuring that all components remain lubricated and cooled. Without proper lubrication, parts can become damaged or worn down quickly, leading to costly repairs or even complete engine failure. A failing oil pump can cause a variety of symptoms which may indicate it needs replacing as soon as possible. 

Symptoms of a Failing Oil Pump

1. Low Oil Pressure 
One of the most common signs that your vehicle’s oil pump is failing is low oil pressure when the engine is running. If you notice that your car’s gauge drops below normal levels when you start it up, this could be due to a faulty pump not providing enough pressure for the system to operate correctly. This issue should be addressed immediately before more damage occurs within your vehicle’s internal components. 
2. Noisy Engine 
Another symptom associated with an aging or broken oil pump is increased noise coming from underneath your hood while driving at higher speeds or under heavy load conditions such as going uphill or accelerating rapidly from rest positions on highways and other roads alike . If you hear loud clanking sounds like metal against metal coming from beneath your hood then this could be indicative of an issue with either your pumps internals wearing out over time due lack maintenance practices being observed ,or if its been installed incorrectly by previous mechanics/owners in charge prior ownership transfer process taking place etc…  

3. Check Engine Light Illuminated  
If there's something wrong with any component in your car's engine - including its oil pump - then chances are good that its onboard diagnostic computer will detect it and trigger what's known as a "check engine" light on dashboard warning indicator panel . So if suddenly see one lit up while driving around town then best thing do would be pull over safely away traffic flow area ,shut off ignition key switch position & wait few minutes before restarting again so diagnostic systems have chance reset itself back into default operational mode & provide more accurate readings about whats really happening inside motor compartment area instead relying solely upon human senses alone (i:e hearing noises)   

4 Cost To Replace An Oil Pump  
Cost to replace oil pump isn't cheap endeavor either since cost involved typically ranges anywhere between $400-$800 dollars depending upon make/model type vehicle being serviced along labor charges mechanic shop must also factor into final bill amount presented customer end after job has been completed successfully . Also need keep mind certain specialized tools may required too during installation process ensure everything fits together properly without causing further issues down line future date point timespan wise so always important double check beforehand just case avoid unnecessary headaches later on down road trip journey travels !