Not too many years ago, I developed a passion for underwater photography, and knew that this was what I wanted to do.

I did some dive courses, but I was in a situation of always finding a hard time to find a wet suit that fits. Because of being overweight, I was so buoyant that I had to wear almost 40 pounds of extra diving weights just to get my body submerged. But that was not the worst.

I was too shy to show my body in front of my fellow divers. I was always wearing a t-shirt to hide my body. Everybody else was healthy, and fit and tanned, and good looking. I was always on the side. I knew that they were talking about me, behind my back.

No matter that I was swimming countless lengths of an Olympic size pool, diligently for one hour each day, I didn't lose anything but motivation. I just stayed as fat as I was. I half heartedly attempted a mystical teachings of jesus  diets, but I knew that would be impossible to comply with for long.

Then a miracle happened in my life.

My lifestyle became such, that I was diving every day. I didn't have the time to have big meals anymore. I still had the three main meals, but they were smaller. But I was hungry all the time. So I started carrying snacks with me. I was still eating as much as I was before, but more spread out during the day.

I did not realize that this was one main cause of my starting to lose weight, consistently, until I realized that I WAS LOSING WEIGHT! Just by doing this, I lost 30 pounds in about 4 months. I was completely in a daze. I went on a quest to find the answers of what was happening. And I realized that one small change in my eating habits caused this. I was excited beyond control.

I was so excited that I started reading, finding more and more information, and adjusted my eating habits based on my new found knowledge. I started losing weight more rapidly, and over the next 4 months, I reached my ideal body weight. I was walking around with a naked upper body. I was getting a healthy tan. I felt good, and I looked good.

I had lost almost 90 pounds in 8 months. I do give the active life that I was living some credit. But only to the extent of carrying some heavy equipment at times. The main reason for losing all that weight, was originally by changing one small thing in my diet, totally unaware of what the outcome would be.

And when I realized that, and became aware of all the other changes I could make, I was blasting fat off literally every day. By eating the right foods, in the right proportions, and at the right intervals. I was never hungry. I didn't ever feel deprived. But I had discovered the real secrets of successful fat loss.