Players frequently desire to advance many accounts simultaneously while playing many Roblox games. Nevertheless, there isn't a recognized feature in Roblox that enables users to carry out the aforementioned action. Players frequently search for methods to launch numerous game instances simultaneously because of this. And that's where our instruction on how to open several Roblox game instances at once will help.


How to Open Multiple Game Instances at Once in Roblox

With the third-party application Many Games, you can open multiple game instances simultaneously in Roblox. Open the application after downloading and installing it to play a Roblox game online.

You must then go back to the game page. Furthermore, sign out of your Roblox account and sign in using a different one. Run the second game instance after that, and so forth. To run several game instances simultaneously, keep repeating the process.

How to Fix Roblox Multiple Game Instances Not Working?

Simply download the Many Games program from a third party website to fix Roblox Multiple Game Instances on your PC.

Once you have downloaded Roblox Multiple Games successfully, proceed as directed below:

Make sure you have multiple Roblox accounts before opening Roblox Multiple Game Instances.
Open the Many Games program on your PC after creating numerous Roblox accounts.
Use a search browser and sign into your Roblox account right away.
Launch your preferred Roblox game once you have logged in.
Return to the Roblox website after it has been launched and log out of your account. Make sure the Roblox Game Instances are active while you do this.
Return to the Roblox website now and sign in with your additional Roblox account.
Open the Roblox game you wish to play after logging in.
You can open the game instances as many times as you like by repeating the same technique.
I'm done now.