There are three methods to reset a character's Skill Points in Elder Scrolls Online, including in-game methods, with the Crown Store, plus in the Armory.

After playing enough Elder Scrolls Online many players turn out to change their play styles, weapons, armor, and combat focus with regards to character. Part of this is beginning to change skills, however, it is impossible to recognize which skills you are going to actually use while leveling up. Thankfully, resetting Skill Points in Elder Scrolls Online is a fairly simple process.

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There are three approaches to reset your Skill Points: by causing an offering at specific shrines throughout Tamriel, while on an Armory System "exploit" which includes yet-to-be-changed, or when you purchase a Skill Respec scroll through the in-game Crown Store with real-life money.

Method One: Pay Gold At Specific Shrines

The first (and quite a few popular) strategy to reset Skill Points in Elder Scrolls Online is to venture to a temple and earn an offering at the correct altar. Each of the game's three faction capitals is where you can shine such as this - although God linked to each temple often changes. Shrines in this way can also be found in several major DLC cities, like Leyawiin and Vivec.

The Shrines to Stuhn, Stendarr, S'rendarr, and also the Father of Mysteries (Sotha Sil) are each specialized in resetting Skill Points specifically. It's a bit pricey, though, easily costing greater than 10,000 gold to reset all Skill Points at max level. Most of the time, automobiles reset your entire Skill Points, so it ends up being a bit less expensive than this.

Method Two: Use The Armory System

The Armory System was included in Elder Scrolls Online with all the Deadlands DLC updates at the end of 2021. This system gives players multiple slots to load character builds from. These builds are saved through the player's current loadout, but by attempting to keep one slot untouched, you are able to reset Skill Points without cost whenever you like.

When you would like to reset Skill Points, go to the Armory station (available free of charge in the Crown Store) at the Player Home. Load a fully blank "build" onto your character, and you will find all of your current Attributes, Champion Points, and Skill Points refunded to you personally. This also unequips everything, so make sure you re-equip your sets prior to going.

Method Three: Pay Crowns For A Skill Point Scroll

The last way for resetting Skill Points in Elder Scrolls Online is to fund a Skill Point Respec scroll with Crowns, that may be purchased in-game for real-life money. This method is the two most convenient as well as the most expensive, though.

For the price of 700 Crowns, players get a scroll that lets them re-spec whenever and wherever they like. 700 Crowns is a fairly good sum, though, and it is far better to make use of the Armory or spend the money for gold cost in-game than purchase new Crowns or takes place monthly ESO Plus Crowns in the interest of convenience.