Carrot seed oil is extracted from steam distillation from the seeds of the Daucus carota plant.

It is a flowering plant, which is known for its white blossoms and carrot-scented roots. Carrot seed essential oil reflects antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. But, it does not have the vitamins and nutrients provided by carrots. Like other essential oils, the carrot seed oil is not to be ingested.


Blends well with:


Bergamot oil, Cinnamon oil, Lemon oil, Cedar wood oil, Orange oil, Ginger oil and Patchouli oil




  • It is something that tones the body and carrot seed oil falls into this category. It also tones up tissues and muscles and increases their efficiency. It also tones the skin and prevents it from losing or showing signs of aging.
  • It is also used in aromatherapy because of its mild and soothing aroma which is effective in relieving stress and anxiety and gives a refreshing feeling.
  • It protects skin from developing wrinkles. The carrot seed oil relieves muscle aches, treats anorexia, and improves your eyesight.




  • You can apply directly onto dry, damaged skin.  You can also add other skincare products like shampoo, lotion, or cleanser for extra benefits. It is used in dry, brittle nails for nourishing and repairing.
  • You have to apply it to your face and neck as a night moisturizer. Then, massage into the scalp once a week before shampooing. For aromatherapy, add a few drops to the face & body scrubs. Also, you can use the oil in an aromatherapy diffuser.
  • For that, place 2 drops in the palm, rub them together and apply to the bottom of the hair for natural split end control.




  • As the essential oils are not suggested for ingestion, and many carrot seed oil types of research are done on animals. It is critical to consult a doctor before you use it to treat an infection or illness.
  • It is also suggested to dilute carrot seed oil with carrier oil before applying it to your skin or scalp.
  • Besides, some individuals experience irritation when applying essential oils to the skin. You should do a skin patch test before using any new essential oil.
  • Pregnant women and children should consult doctor before using essential oils.