Data Cable made in China Product analysis. 1. The interface is made of high-quality environment-friendly rubber, which is molded by secondary injection molding, with good folding resistance and high reliability. 2. Industry standard conductor, providing guarantee for stable transmission 3. The factory is powerful and supports specification customization and brand OEM. Welcome to contact us Quality Assurance Products that meet CERoHS standards are famous for their electrical safety and durability. In order to ensure high quality, we have carried out strict and rigorous inspection throughout the manufacturing process. Process, from material selection to final delivery Packaging and transportation. Our factory is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, where highways are well developed and there are many ports, so we can quickly arrange delivery. The cables of our products are packed separately in neutral bags. We also welcome customized packaging. The products will be packed in clean, strong, moisture-proof boxes. If necessary, we will add preventive reinforcement measures to the outer packing box to ensure the integrity of the packaging.Data Cable made in China website: