So you’ve decided to start your online eCommerce business instantly, Have you finally decided to implement your business with amazon clone script. Here are some common eCommerce features to be noted before starting your business.

Well… not quite. While some things may be “as clear as day” to you, you’d be surprised how many people would think of or imagine the same thing completely differently. So following are the five important things to be noted before starting an online eCommerce business.

User Friendly

User Friendly

A common thing both web designers and merchants sometimes do is think they know what’s best and subjectively walk the straight line without looking left and right. We tend to define needs based on something an individual assumes is necessary. Hence we often fall into the assumption trap — if it solves my problem, it will 100% solve everyone else’s. In other words, if something makes sense to me, then it must make sense for customers as well.

While you should aim to solve your challenges, and achieve your business goals, always remember that you’re not your target customer. You must always test how customers will respond to it. If they don’t get it, it won’t aid your business goals.

Equip With Latest Features

Equipped With Latest Features

So you’ve just launched a new feature on your eCommerce website. You’ve invested time and money developing a new feature. Always track changes to define their exact impact. It’s the only way to see if they’re working as you thought they should, or do they need a bit more work.

Remember, a change is not a one-way street. Always analyze your metrics and set additional tracking if necessary to know what exactly is happening and how it affects sales and behavior. This will help you to increase business with trending Multi Vendor eCommerce scripts.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Responsive Mobile Friendly

It’s often quite challenging to scale something we have in mind, and that’s precisely why we must think responsive from the start. Having a feature designed fully for one screen size without parallelly testing how it may look and feel on another screen can get you in serious trouble. You can easily see the difference in conversion rates if things go sideways.

A common scenario is — it looks great on one device, but on the other, the elements are arranged differently. Things disappear off-canvas, making them hard to discover, and the feature loses principles of proximity and similarity. Always check what screen sizes your customers use and optimize the feature for that screen size first, but at the same time test the look and feel on other screen sizes. Never degrade a feature based on screen sizes.

Predefined Categories & Subcategories Option

Predefined Categories

eCommerce websites usually have lots of categories presented in the menus. Navigation is the data architecture customers use to identify store hierarchy and parent-child relationships between the categories.

While it’s excellent to place some subcategories in more than one category, some stores overcomplicate this. We often see mixing categories, subcategories, and popular filters in the navigation. On top of this, everything is nested everywhere with no clear hierarchy and relationships between them.

Identifying the appropriate category path becomes quite tedious, time-consuming, and contains lots of dead ends. In other words, it quickly leads to customer frustration. Over Categorization can easily be recognized if your customers use search more than the main navigation.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

They often require the exact words to find products (for example, “blow-dryer” query won’t return hair dryer products). They can’t identify spelling mistakes, don’t have autocomplete, and similar.

A thing to remember is that the search should always retain the user-typed query in the search input field. Lots of times, customers will want to refine their search (search immediately after they perform a search) by adding another keyword (or multiple) to the original query. Not saving the input forces the customer to re-type the original keyword again.

Latest Features Every ECommerce Softwares Should Have In 2023

Latest Featurese eCommerce Software 2023

These are just a few of the latest features found in e-commerce software. The industry is constantly evolving, and new features are being developed all the time. Here we provide you with some of the latest features that are commonly found in e-commerce software:

Mobile-responsive design

Most e-commerce platforms are now designed to be mobile-responsive, meaning they automatically adjust to the size of the user’s screen, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Social Media Integration

E-commerce software is increasingly integrating with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to make it easier for customers to discover and purchase products.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Many e-commerce platforms are now incorporating AI and machine learning to personalize the shopping experience for customers, suggest products based on their browsing and purchasing history, and improve the efficiency of back-end processes such as inventory management and fraud detection.

Voice Search

Voice search is becoming more popular, and some e-commerce platforms are incorporating voice search functionality to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Some e-commerce platforms are now offering AR and VR experiences that allow customers to visualize products in their real-life environment before making a purchase.


E-commerce platforms are increasingly offering personalized recommendations and product suggestions based on customer behavior and preferences.

Chatbots & Messaging Apps

Chatbots and messaging apps are becoming more popular as a way for customers to interact with e-commerce platforms. They can help with product recommendations, answer frequently asked questions, and even process orders.

Subscription-based Models

Many e-commerce platforms are now offering subscription-based models, which allow customers to subscribe to a service or receive products on a regular basis, rather than making one-time purchases.


Hence, starting an eCommerce website or app is the ultimate business plan to reign a great profit. Because, the demand for e-commerce businesses has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. To start your business instantly with the best amazon clone, then Contact Us.!!!

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