If you have spent any period of time considering or even actively planning in-person promotional events for your brand, you will have likely come across various references to “brand ambassadors”, including in online sources like this one. 

The term “brand ambassador” might seem to explain itself. What you will be on the lookout for when recruiting such staff, will be individuals who are convincing ambassadors for what your brand does and stands for. 


But shall we get a little bit more specific than that? Below, we have set out just three traits that the best brand ambassadors have, and which will help bring genuine value to your business’s experiential marketing. 




You might have expected the first characteristic we set out in this list to be something a little more… ‘glamorous’, or with a bit more ‘pizzazz’. But of course, the magic that brand ambassadors can impart won’t be present if your chosen promo staff don’t consistently turn up at the required times for your events. 


An effective brand ambassador, then, won’t be merely available. That’s because they will also show strong self-motivation, and an ability to follow through tasks from beginning to completion. 


As part of this, your chosen brand ambassadors will also need to be skilled in the management of their own time and energy. After all, a successful promotional event can take a lot out of someone who is at the ‘frontline’ of customer contact from the start to the end of the day.   




There is a saying that one “attracts more bees with honey”, and the most competent brand ambassadors certainly understand this. They will know that their willingness to serve as an ambassador for your brand will have to include so much more than simply being willing to wear clothing displaying your brand logo and colours. 


What we are suggesting here, is that your best brand ambassadors will be those who know they need to wear a smile, too. 


And they will be effective in conveying that positivity to everyone they encounter at your promotional event – for example, by being a great listener who encourages people to talk about themselves, and showing genuine enthusiasm and belief in the work that your brand does to make the world a better place. 


An ability to converse well 


So much of being an effective brand ambassador is about being proactive in one’s job and responsibilities. Closely linked to that, is an ability to engage someone in conversation, and then keep that conversation going so well that the person they are conversing with almost forgets the brand ambassador is being paid to represent a brand. 

Being conversational isn’t just about talking, of course; to return to a theme of our above point, it also involves being an active listener, on the basis that this helps to get people talking. 


A great brand ambassador will be comfortable and skilled in starting conversations with people who they don’t know – but also in such vital aspects of conversation as reading people’s level of interest, and knowing when to listen and when to ask questions. 


There are many more qualities, of course, that an excellent brand ambassador is likely to have – including, but not restricted to, professionalism, friendliness, and an ability to improvise in response to sometimes unexpected situations. But hopefully, the above words will have got you thinking about what will truly constitute a powerful ambassador for your own brand. 


Our BrandWarriors don’t believe that you are on the lookout for, or even need, ‘just another’ hosts and hostesses agency. Instead, you will be seeking out trained, specialist staff who will utterly embody your brand and be central to the delivery of memorable experiences. 


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