Several famous international schools that offer top-notch instruction and a multicultural learning atmosphere are found in Bangalore. These educational institutions gather students from all around the world, giving them the chance to gain knowledge from other viewpoints. The Best International School in Bangalore should possess all the necessary elements and satisfy parents to make their children enroll in the particular school.


One such institution that every parent must consider is Harvest International school. The school offers a well-rounded education prioritizing a student's intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth. Harvest International School is dedicated to giving its students a secure and loving environment that fosters a love of learning. 




  • Classrooms:


At Harvest International School, the classrooms are designed to provide pupils a pleasant and suitable conducive learning environment. The classrooms are large, air-conditioned, and furnished with the most recent equipment, such as projectors and smart boards.


  • Laboratories:


The school offers physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories that are well-equipped. Students can use their theoretical knowledge in real-world experiments thanks to the laboratories' emphasis on practical learning.


  • Sports Facilities:


There's a variety of choices for pupils to participate in sports and physical activity at Harvest International School. The school features a sizable playground wherein students may play sports including basketball and football. The school additionally includes a gymnasium, a yoga room, and a swimming pool.


  • Cafeteria:


The school features a well-equipped cafeteria that serves pupils wholesome cuisine. The cafeteria's menu is made up of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to suit the tastes and preferences of students from various ethnic backgrounds.


  • Transportation:


Students who live far away from the school can use the transportation services provided by the institution. The school has a fleet of buses featuring GPS tracking devices that are operated by skilled and experienced drivers.


The academic programme at Harvest is competitive and crafted to provide pupils with the abilities they will require to achieve in the 21st century. A broad and well-balanced education that will qualify children for future study in institutions across the world is the ambition of the school.

The school employs a group of instructors who are enthusiastic about both teaching and learning and who are well-qualified and experienced. To make learning engaging and entertaining for the pupils, the instructors employ cutting-edge teaching techniques. Regarding pupils who want more guidance in particular disciplines, the school also offers supplementary support.




Harvest International School is the Best International School in Bangalore that provides pupils with a comprehensive education. The school features best facilities and a vigorous academic programme that prepares pupils for 21st-century challenges. The school is committed to developing a safe and encouraging atmosphere in which pupils may cultivate a passion of learning.



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