A child's intellectual and psychological development can be significantly impacted by the school they attend, which is a critical decision. One of the most well-known educational boards in India is the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and parents sometimes struggle with selecting the ideal CBSE school for their kids. In this article, we'll go over some of the things parents should think about while choosing a CBSE school as well as some of the best CBSE Schools in Bangalore.


Consider the following factors when choosing a CBSE school:


  • Academic excellence
  • Infrastructure and facilities
  • Location and accessibility
  • Teaching methodology
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Safety and Security
  • Affordability
  • Reputation and accreditation


Parents should search for schools that have a history of bringing out students who perform totally well academically. The curriculum should be in line with the requirements of the CBSE board and offer a well-rounded education.


For classrooms, labs, libraries, and other academic facilities, the school must have sufficient space. Modern tools and technology should be available to support learning. Playgrounds, sports facilities, music rooms, and other extracurricular amenities should be available at the school.


Some significant elements to consider include the school's location and accessibility. Parents should explore schools that are conveniently accessible in safe and secure locations. Parents should peek for schools that utilize creative and dynamic teaching approaches that vigorously engage students in the learning process.


A student's growth and development depend heavily on extracurricular activities as well. Sports, music, dancing, acting, and other cultural activities should all be available as extracurriculars at a school.


The above-mentioned factors should be seriously considered before choosing a school for your child. Now, let's have a look at some best CBSE Schools in Bangalore which will suit the requirements of your child.


  • Harvest International School


Harvest International School is a renowned institution in Bangalore that provides pupils with a top-notch education. From Prekindergarten till grade 12 students have had access to a top-notch education at this institution since its establishment in 2007. The school is renowned for its academic quality and all-inclusive educational philosophy and adheres to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum.


With a 100% success rate in CBSE board exams, Harvest International School has an ascertained track record of academic achievement. The curriculum of the school is created to provide pupils with a well-rounded education and to prepare them for the challenges of the twenty-first century. The school employs a group of trained and experienced educators that are dedicated to giving their children a high-quality education. 


Why choose Harvest?


  • 5 Branches in South Bangalore District
  • 2000+ Students
  • 200+ Teachers
  • 1:10 Student - Teacher Ratio

Harvest International is a creative unconventional organization that has expanded the definition of education beyond the confines of the traditional classroom, creating a new paradigm for learning. They clearly want to assist the students in adjusting to an unpredictable, rapidly changing environment where learning is a continual process. This is a key component of education in the twenty-first century and this would be the perfect option for your kids to enroll. 


  • The Shri Ram School (TSRS): 


The Shri Ram School (TSRS) is a premier CBSE school cited for its innovative teaching methods and emphasis on holistic development. The school features highly skilled instructors, a first-rate infrastructure, and a diverse choice of co-curricular activities.


  • DAV Public School: 


DAV Public School is a renowned school network that sticks to the CBSE curriculum. The school boasts great infrastructure and facilities, as well as highly qualified instructors and a well-structured curriculum.


  • Amity International School:


It is a renowned CBSE school with a strong focus on academic success and overall development. The school features positively trained teachers, cutting-edge facilities, and a diverse choice of extracurricular activities.


  • Delhi Public School (DPS):


DPS is one of India's prestigious CBSE schools, with branches in cities across the country. The curriculum is structured well, the lecturers are favorably skilled, and the infrastructure and conveniences are wonderful.




Choosing the best CBSE schools in Bangalore requires careful consideration of various factors, including academic excellence, infrastructure, location, teaching methodology, extracurricular activities, safety and security, affordability, and reputation. Parents must do thorough research and visit schools personally before making a decision. It is also important to involve the student in the decision-making process and consider their preferences and interests.


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