1. How are sex dolls cleaned?

General cleaning: If the tpe sex doll is accidentally soiled, try wiping it with a damp towel and shower gel. If you encounter a stain that cannot be cleaned with the shower gel, you can try to remove it with a cleaning oil. Dirty doll face area is relatively large, she can also look at love doll, what to take a bath to the water temperature, we usually prefer baby bath temperature are acceptable, TPE sex dolls are more sensitive to temperature, so the temperature can not be used TPE -Dolls are washed with water above 70 degrees Celsius, and TPE materials may be deformed by the temperature. This is irreversible! Please pay attention.
Cleaning after use: the general doll can be used in the mouth, vagina, anus. If it is a split type, this split cleaning is very easy. If it is a one-piece construction, the silicone sex dolls should be lifted to the bathroom for cleaning after use. Regardless of the cleaning method, remember to cover the body with a towel and gently dry it. Do not wipe it to avoid scratching the surface of the sex doll. The inside of the canal can be dried with a thick paper towel. Another good option is to buy sanitary napkins for girls that are extra absorbent during their physiology. The last thing is to wait for the water to dry and remember to wipe off the talcum powder to best preserve the sex dolls skin.

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2. How to take care of a sex doll?

The love doll's body has chronic oil throughout, which is related to the material of the sex doll. In general, the silicone doll's oily state is relatively mild, and the TPE doll is more oily. The sex doll's oil will cause the doll to feel bad. It is easy to get dust and hair fibers. Regular grooming is therefore particularly important to ensure a smooth and soft touch to the sex doll's body. The grooming method is to rub in the body powder. It is recommended to buy the talcum powder for the baby, and the talcum powder is rubbed evenly on the big boobs sex dolls. The baby powder is not harmful and the smell and feel are the best.

3. What if the surface of the sex doll is colored?

Due to the material properties of TPE, it is particularly prone to adsorption and staining for certain dark dyes. If you wear a dark color on a sex doll or sit on a dark sofa, you will find that the sex doll's body will create a blue, purple-black stain that cannot be removed with cleaning oil. Next, you need to use a professional decolorizer, apply the decolorizer and wait for a while. You will notice that the stained area is lighter or completely removed.
Warm Tips: Sex dolls are particularly sensitive to black, dark blue and other colors. So be sure to pay attention.