The international school mainly focuses on a high-quality educational system, high-level academic standards, and a globally focused curriculum. They often have diverse students and faculty, offer every opportunity for cultural exchange and language learning, and provide a wide range of extracurricular activities and resources. In addition to that, the Best School in Bangalore has excellent facilities and resources, advanced technology, a high-level computer lab, and a well-equipped laboratory. World collection of books in the library, besides studies school also focuses on student health by providing all sports choices. We not only focus on students' educational qualifications but their overall excellence. be it education, sports, engaging with motivational speakers, language exchange, respect for ethnic diversity, cultural activities, and participation. The school aims to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive education for the student so that we can prepare them for world exposure and success.

International recognition.

International schools are known for their educational excellence. Students from our school are appreciated for their educational excellence and academic performance wherever they go. It is an achievement of our school when our students are appreciated and recognized. The most satisfying reward for us is when our students go out and contribute to nation-building.

Why PYP is important:

This is the stage where they learn from scratch to go Grabber. In the foundation years of education, they need all skills and attitudes to have clear concepts and develop them. At this age, they have so much interest in learning different things and a sharp mind to learn almost anything and everything. By looking at the Best School in Bangalore, we can train them on different levels of activities, use their ability and interest to nurture them, build their confidence, inspire them, and make them realize that they can do anything. For that PYP (primary years program) is very important to nurture their interest, and ability, and build confidence and self-confidence.

This is a continuous stage of learning where teachers must implement the best possible way to learn each student’s ability and lacks, so they can help them to develop their skills and improve where they are lacking behind. Assessment in PYP is a continuous process of monitoring the student's work, measuring their progress, giving assignments, conducting Q&A, quizzes, performance assessment (presentation), group discussion, and peer assessment. 

Importance of IB-MYP:

This program encourages both personal and academic achievement. Help the student excel in their studies and personal development. The core aim of this program is to give the student a vast understanding of the educational system, apply their skills, and develop their knowledge perspective. We can categorize it into three major roles in the student's life:

  1. Definition of knowledge: Students will understand the true nature of knowledge and how to implement it in the real life. Knowledge is the understanding and awareness of information or skills gained through experience, education, observation, and reasoning. 
  2. Self-dependent:  it helps the student to understand their ability and weakness. Their self sufficient and self-reliance makes them take their own decision. It involves taking responsibility and self-dependence without depending on anyone. This will help them to become successful and independent.
  3. Creativity and skill: It helps the student to bring out their creativity and show cast their skills to shape up their carrier. In the competitive era, one must be creative and skilled to become successful. 

In conclusion, Best School in Bangalore provide all kinds of activities and curricula. Hence, it improves the overall educational experience and brings out creativity. 



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