Ductile Iron, also known by many other names such as Ductile Iron, Ductile Iron, Ductile Iron, etc. Known for its resistance to fatigue and impact due to its rich nodular inclusions. Ductile iron castings are strong.
What really defines the group of materials that make up ductile iron is its graphite structure. Unlike graphite flakes in gray iron, the graphite structure in ductile iron is nodules. These round nodules inhibit crack formation. This property provides higher ductility; hence the name Ductile Iron.

Each year, most of the ductile iron produced is ductile iron pipe. Unlike its lightweight materials, PVC, HDPE, LDPE and other polymer materials. Ductile iron offers greater resistance to physical damage when used in sewer and water lines.

In the automotive industry, it is used for components that require materials other than steel but are stronger than aluminum. For large and complex projects requiring extreme fatigue loads, ductile iron is used. Other uses for ductile iron castings include oil well pumps, Class 8 trucks, wheel hubs and structural components, among others.