Choa Chu Kang Columbarium

Established in 2009, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is part of Malaysian conglomerate Nirvana Singapore Asia Group, a world-class, full-fledged bereavement care provider that boasts one decade of experience in memorial park operations.

Nirvana lives by the “Caring for Life” philosophy. At Nirvana Memorial Garden Choa Chu Kang, you can always expect a pleasant experience during a pivotal moment through professional, detailed, comprehensive and well-acclaimed, one-stop-worry-free Funeral Services Singapore. Nirvana deeply understands the sentiment of embracing a proud tradition and culture, and therefore offers a comprehensive suite of Nirvana Memorial Funeral Service to honour and uplift life.

Nirvana Memorial Garden has acquired a top place among funeral service providers in Singapore. Their funeral expertise has something for everyone. You will find a wide range of options to choose from according to your belief system. They are proficient in their work, ensuring ultimate comfort to their clients in dark times. It is a one-stop for all your funeral worries, from skilled staff to funeral arrangements and the burial process. Nirvana Memorial Services Singapore is the first one to provide a Private Columbarium Singapore  for a personalized experience. You can find different columbaria at Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore, enriched with aesthetic architecture and a respectful environment.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium

Nirvana Memorial Garden Columbarium offers an extensive variety of determination for Columbarium Singapore. From Standard Suite to Maisonette Suit to Family Suit, paying little heed to what is your inclination, there is something for everybody

Nirvana Memorial Garden Pedestal

Not just Ancestral Nirvana Memorial Garden Pedestal has a rich history in Chinese tribal love, it has been the actual image of it that dates way back to the Shang Dynasty.

Familial Pedestal assumes such a significant part in the Chinese history that it ordinarily takes up the focal situation at the special raised area of any Chinese home. Familial Pedestal is a consecrated thing that implies the righteousness of obedient devotion.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Prayer Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden Prayer Services is a permanent place to stay for the left as well as a remembrance garden with cutting edge offices, loosening up climate and model help from the heart; that gives harmony and solace to both the withdrew and their loved ones.


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