One of the products that people often use is the Moto G5 screen that can be written on with a pen. It may be used to a variety of uses, including gaming, sketching, and writing, among others. You should read this article first if you notice that your gadget has begun to malfunction and you do not know how to fix it or how to acquire a new one if you do not know how to do either. This guide will provide you with all of the information you want to successfully repair a damaged Moto G5 stylus screen.

How to Repair a Moto G5 Stylus Screen

If your motorola moto g stylus 2021 screen is broken, check to see if there is any damage to it. If there is, you may give yourself a shot at fixing it by following our advice on how to mend a Moto G5 stylus screen if it happens to be broken. If you do not have access to a mechanic, you also have the option of seeking assistance from a respected service provider such as eXtreme Geek or Two-Step Repair. Each one of them may provide you a Repair kit that will enable you to repair your screen without the need for any additional tools.

How to Fix the Issue

After you have identified the source of the problem, the most effective line of action may be to immediately begin working on a solution on your own by using any one of the following strategies: Make use of a Repair kit: It is advised that those who are not mechanically inclined use this approach if they want help repairing their screen but do not wish to resort to tools.. AFix kits are typically available for under $30 and can take care of most repairs on a motorola g play 2021


Adhesive patches can be used in place of screws or other traditional methods for fixing smartphone screens. phone lcd parts come in various shapes and sizes and are often more affordable than new screens. Adhesive patches are generally more durable than screws, as they tend not to loosen over time.

Use a hairdryer: high heat could probably cause bubbles inside the touchscreen display, and these bubbles could eventually burst and restore regular operation - resulting in lost data or missed calls! Invest in good hair dryers capable of heating up quickly and causing no damage (like this model from Black & Decker).

How to Use a Moto G5 Stylus Screen

To use a logitech k850, ensure you have the stylus device and your phone connected to your computer. Once connected, open the app you used to purchase the Moto G5 stylus, such as Android File Manager or Google Drive. Then open the file you want to copy using the app and paste it into the document arrow on the right of the main window. Click on Paste To Stylus.

How to Use the Screen

If your Xt2163dl doesn't work after being used in a previous session, try using another charger or outlet instead of your original one. If you still can't get it working, contact customer service for help with troubleshooting or returning your phone for a warranty replacement. To use a Moto G5 stylus, hold down both sides of the device at once and then press down onto any screen surface--not just glass--to write or draw on it. It may be time to repair the screen if you notice any of the following symptoms on your phone. The screen is not working correctly: The screen appears to be broken or has an issue. Check if any light is coming from inside the phone when you try to turn it on the phone. This could mean that something electrical is faulty and needs to be fixed.

If none of these things help, then the screen might need to be replaced completely: The screens might have been damaged in a fall or during transport - look for evidence of damage on either side of the phone (watch, notebook cover, etc.). If this is the case, your device may need a new stylus screen and back cover or dock assembly. You can replace just one capacitor - but if there are more than two capacitors in a group (i.e., 6 or more), then replacing them all would probably cause other problems with your device, such as decreased battery life or strange Screen flickering issues... please consult our staff for detailed instructions on how to replace all 8 capacitors! You can also replace just one pixel (one point at a time)... however we recommend seeking professional help if you're not comfortable doing this yourself due to the health risks involved!


If you have trouble using a Moto G5 Stylus Screen, it's essential to check the symptoms and fix the issue if there is trouble. Once you have fixed the problem, you can replace the stylus if it's broken. Troubleshooting for a Moto G5 Stylus Screen can be complex but essential nonetheless. By understanding how to use your screen and troubleshooting any problems encountered, you can ensure that your experience with the device is positive.